how long to receive G-1145 - e-notification

How long does it take to receive the e-notification for EAD application acceptance? I applied on 25th July (last friday) and its been 2 working days since I applied but haven't received any email or txt. G-1145 form says "We will send the e-Notification within 24 hours after we accept your application."

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How do I file Form G-1145? | CitizenPath

USCIS forms are so long and confusing but you make it easy to do.” So far today 19 people have used CitizenPath to help prepare their G-1145. How It Works. Pricing. Benefits. Questions.

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Thread Form G-1145 Rev 2/28/13 e-Notification... | BoardReader

How long does it take for them to respond to G-1145 Notification of Acceptance.

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