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  1. Fix: Games for Windows Live Problems on Windows 10

    • These games still have great number of fans, so you can see why not being able to run these games on Windows 10 can be such a problem for them.
    • Save the changes by clicking Apply and OK and install Games for Windows Live.


  2. Games for Windows Live allows you to play supported games on your Windows-based PC or device. | Xbox for Windows

    • If you’re having problems installing the Games for Windows Live app, or connecting to the Xbox Live service, see Troubleshoot Games for
    • Thanks for your feedback! We're sorry this article didn't solve your problem. We won't give up and neither should you. Try this community option, below.


  3. Games for Windows Live Install Fail, error 0x800b0003 - Windows 7 Help Forums

    • 45 updates that fail when using windows live updater Hi Problem : When I started up my computer today the internet explorer seemed to bug out.
    • Drivers. Can't install updates in Games for Windows - LIVE in Tinker I can't seem to install a necessary update in Tinker.


  4. problem finding "games for windows live redistributable 3" - Support Requests - LCPDFR.com | Forum

    • Wait, doesn't Games For Windows Live come automatically- or at least it's required- for GTA IV?
    • Then whilst installing the update the social club is un-installed automatically. i have a problem downloading this file, i have found it on the microsoft website but it gives me 3 downloads to download...


  5. Games for windows live problems / fix :: Batman: Arkham City™ General Discussions

    • Re: Games for Windows Live and Windows 8 PRO. I ran into the same problem with Arkham Asylum GOTY edition on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.
    • - I next installed GFWL with the freshly-downloaded installer and then started up Arkham Asylum. The game launched and the GFWL overlay worked...


  6. Troubleshooting Games for Windows Live startup problems -- The Catroot2 Trick

    • If nothing I have described to this point has solved your problem, then it may be time to consider reinstalling the Games for Windows Live components, or the game you are trying to play -- maybe even both of them.


  7. games for windows live problems installing

    • Despite Windows 10’s assertion that Games for Windows LIVE isn’t compatible with modern versions of Windows, it can work. The problem is that games that require GFWL include their own GFWL installers. When you install one of these games on a modern version of Windows...


  8. Troubleshoot Games for Windows Live Connection Problems

    • Solutions
    • Allow Games for Windows Live through a firewall
    • Install the latest service pack for Windows
    • If you’re still experiencing connection problems to Windows Live, you must configure your...


  9. Games for Windows Live "Can't Start Program" | Forum

    • There may be a problem with your internet connection or the LIVE service." In my journey to fix this, I've tried a whole bunch of things ranging from uninstalling
    • Dirt 3 to give Games for Windows Live the slip, move onto Steamworks | PC Gamer. If you need it to install it for a game then have you tried to uninstall and...


  10. gaming - Games for Windows Live - Windows 8.1 x64 - Super User

    • The problem is that windows installs games for Windows Live files into a wrong directory (SysWOW64), you will have to move the files to System 32
    • Something Wrong With “Windows Installer” (Windows 8.1 x64). 2. Windows 8.1 DirectDraw and compatibility with older games.