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  1. Scoville units: ~1.2 million Peppers used: Ghost, habanero, Trinidad scorpio | First We Feast

    • The 10 Hottest Hot Sauces You Can Buy Now. The race to pump out Scoville-packed sauces will leave even the best of us wimpering.
    • Image via Max Schieble. Scoville units: 1 million Peppers used: Carolina Reaper, scorpion, ghost.


  2. Scoville Scale Chart for Hot Sauce and Hot Peppers

    • 140 times hotter than a jalapeño. Dave’s Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce "Contains both the heat of the bhut/naga jolokia pepper and chile extract."
    • The largest Scoville Scale chart on the web - lists hot peppers and hot sauces by their Scoville Heat Units (SHU).


  3. Top 10 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces of 2017 | Video Review

    • Dip your toe in the pool with Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. With "only" 22,800 Scoville heat units, this condiment falls on the lower end of the Bhut jolokia heat spectrum, making it a smart entry point for newbies.


  4. Ghost Pepper: A Fiery Pepper With A Hot Following - PepperScale

    • Scoville heat units (SHU): 855,000 – 1,041,427 Jalapeño reference point: 107 to 417 times hotter Origin: India Seeds: Ghost
    • And when it comes to hot sauces, you may find some ghost pepper hot sauces on store shelves, but again you’ll find a much larger and very exotic selection online.


  5. TheScarms - Extremely Hot Habanero Pepper Sauces

    • (9 peppers). Mad Dog Inferno Sauce (89,500 scoville units). This is one of the hotter sauces and one of my favorites.
    • Click bottle to visit their site. Dangerously Hot (10 peppers). Dave's Insanity Sauce (80,000 scoville units).


  6. BIG LIST OF HOT PEPPERS - Cayenne Diane

    • Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho Hot Sauce Review. Farmer’s Daughter Fig & Habanero Pepper Jelly Review.
    • 7 Pot Brown (Chocolate 7 Pot). 800,000 - 1,853,396 Scoville Units. This pepper is a relatively new variation on the original Trinidad 7 Pot superhots.


  7. The world’s spiciest hot sauces | Fox News | Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Jolokia Sauce: 650,000 Scoville Units This new product from the company that started it all takes the Naga Jolokia pepper, also known as the infamous ghost pepper, blends it with pure hot pepper extract, salt, and garlic, and unleashed unto the world one of the hottest sauces known to man, clocking in at a whopping 650,000

    • Mad Dog 357: 357,000 Scoville Units This super-hot sauce is a fiery concoction of chile extract, fresh habanero peppers, cayenne, garlic, and onion and clocks in at a face-melting 357,000 Scoville units.


  8. Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Scoville Units


  9. Dave’s Gourmet Ghost pepper Naga Jolokia hot sauce review - WorldHottestHotSauce.com | WorldHottestHotSauce.com

    • Dave’s Gourmet Naga Jholokia (Ghost Pepper) Hot Sauce, 5-Ounce 855,000 – 1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units Heat Level: Extreme 137-155 times hotter than an average Jalapeno chili pepper. Ingredients: Ghost Pepper/Naga Jolokia hot chili peppers, hot pepper extract, salt, vegetable oil...


  10. Super Hot Sauce | Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce : Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

    • This was the first hot sauce created with HPLC-tested 6,000,000 Scoville Pepper Extract.
    • Give your taste buds a fun ride – as they burn to a crisp. We dare you…Guaranteed to be 100,000 Scoville Units. Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.