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Ghost Pepper Salsa - PepperScale


Either way, ghost pepper salsa will spank you six ways from Sunday. Also known as Bhut Jolokia, ghost peppers are so hot that you must take precautions when cooking with them.

Ghost Pepper Salsa - Renfro Foods


Enjoy Mrs. Renfro's gourmet products delivered right to your door. Black Bean Salsa $3.95.

The Veracious Vegan: Ghost Pepper Salsa


Ghost Pepper Salsa. I have always been a hot pepper enthusiast, but am even more so now than ever before.

Make and share this Ghost Pepper Fresh Salsa recipe from Food.com.


Hot hot hot salsa. Ingredients Nutrition. Servings 10-12 Yield 1 bowl Units US.

Ghost Pepper Salsa - Fiery Flavors


Make no mistake, this salsa may look traditional, but the spice will kick you to a new planet. Ghost pepper is one of the super-hots, so be sure to give fair warning to any eater.

HeatAddicts Review of Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Salsa - Hot...


I seriously questioned whether they actually used ghost peppers. It's a jarred salsa so you're not going to get that crisp fresh from the garden taste, but for what it is (and for $1.50 a jar at Big Lots) it's one of the better jarred salsas on the market.

Ghost Pepper Salsa Recipe | Hot Sauce Reviews and Spicy Food Blog


Our pepper lovers and chili heads are going to love this one. There have been many requests for a spicy hot Ghost Pepper Salsa recipe that you can make easily at home.

Pepper Palace Ghost Pepper (Jolokia) Salsa


This Ghostly Salsa will turn your taste buds white with fright!

Ghost Pepper Salsa


I've been slowly and surely using up those Ghost Peppers. This salsa is beautifully flavourful on its own, then you add a pepper and you have lip tingling tastiness.

Ghost Peppers Blog | Ghost Pepper Salsa


Let’s start with the obvious – ghost pepper salsa. If you’re using dried chilies or chili flakes, refrigerate them the night before so they can rehydrate and get soft.


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