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  1. Ghost Pepper aka Bhut Jolokia | Pepper Joe's - Pepper Joe’s

    • But even if you've bought Bhut Jolokia/Ghost Pepper/Naga seeds before...you need to try my seeds. They are Superior to anything out on the market.


  2. Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper | Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

    • The 2017 Whole Seed Catalog ( U.S., Canada, And Mexico). True Black Brandywine Tomato.
    • 100-120 days from transplant—Also known as Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich.


  3. Pepper Joe's | Hot Pepper Seeds and Ghost Peppers

    • Pepper Joe has hottest pepper seeds: Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper, Bhut Jolokia, Habanero, Jalapeno and Peter Peppers.


  4. How Do I Plant Ghost Pepper Seeds? (with picture)

    • Ghost pepper seeds can be started indoors about three months before the last spring frost. Begin by soaking ghost pepper seeds overnight in water.


  5. World Champion Pepper Seeds | Pepper Joe's - Pepper Joe’s

    • De-Seeding Process. Ghost Pepper Tips. Scoville Scale.
    • $ 9.99. Size. 10+ Seeds Two Carolina Reaper Seedling Plants - Pre-Order. Add to Cart.


  6. Ghost Chili Pepper Seed For Sale

    • Ghost Pepper Chili Pepper Seeds.
    • Please note that Ghost Chili Peppers are slower growing than most peppers and should be started earlier.


  7. Buy ghost pepper online | hubpages | Ghost pepper seeds

    • When the weather outside where you are growing the ghost pepper seeds has a consistently warm air and soil temperature, the ghost pepper seedlings outdoors.


  8. How To Germinate Ghost Pepper Seeds? - H.I.S Farm

    Watch on Youtube Download Audio for How To Germinate Ghost Pepper Seeds To germinate properly, ghost pepper plants require moderately moist soil between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit...


  9. How to Start & Grow Peppers from Seed | Pepper Joe's - Pepper Joe’s

    • Soil mix, seedling mix, containers and trays. Paper towel germination method, transplanting, container gardening & more.
    • De-Seeding Process. Ghost Pepper Tips.


  10. Ghost Pepper Bhut Jolokia - ChilePlants.com

    • We offer Ghost Pepper Bhut Jolokia for sale as Pepper Plants, Pepper Seeds and Fresh Peppers. The Ghost Pepper, also known as Bhut Jolokia, was the of the first super hot peppers...