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The natural climate of India allows the ghost pepper plants to sprout correctly within the damp soil that should have a temperature 75 to 90 degrees F with direct sun

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We have ghost pepper seeds available and tons of bhut jolokia information.

How Do I Plant Ghost Pepper Seeds? (with picture)

Successfully planting ghost pepper seeds requires a sufficiently hot climate and careful attention to watering.

Care Of Ghost Chili Peppers: How To Grow Ghost Pepper Plants

In India, ghost peppers are used as a medicine for stomach ailments and eaten to cool the body by inducing perspiration during the hot summer months.

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Native to northwest India, the ripe peppers are bright orange in color and they grow to a length of 4 in...

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FOR SALE - Organic Ghost Pepper Concentrate, Regular, and Light Sauces, Live Starts, and Seeds !!!

Ghost Pepper Seeds | eBay

OTHER: The Ghost Pepper is native to India and is one of the world’s hottest peppers!

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Crazy Hot Seeds has the most up-to-date list of the World’s Hottest Peppers.

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In fact, in India the name for this chili differs from region to region. But we can all agree that in English, ghost pepper fits just perfectly − it

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The bhut jolokia (Assamese: ভোট-জলকীয়া, IPA: [ˈbʱʊt.zɔˌlɔkiˌja]), also known as bih jolokia, u-morok, ghost pepper, red naga, Naga Jolokia, and ghost chili, is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated in the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.

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