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We've a large range of Ghost Pepper Seeds. The Ghost Pepper is a nickname for the Naga chillies from India. Some say you'll get an out-of-body experience, if you eat a whole naga and therefore the name Ghost Pepper.

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This Ghost Pepper is dangerously HOT! The pepper's fierce “bite” is akin to the venom of a king cobra.

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We have ghost pepper seeds available and tons of bhut jolokia information.

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Growing a ghost pepper requires patient of the planter, because it takes 35 days alone for the ghost pepper seeds to begin growing, I repeat, that is 35 days of staring at dirt before you ever know if you have truly began growing a ghost pepper plant.

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Pepper aficionados who are also avid gardeners know the frustration of discovering a new and obscure pepper variety, only to find that seeds are hard to find or exorbitantly expensive. The Bhut Jolokia, or ghost pepper, is in that category.

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Buy our Ghost Pepper seeds, we have Ghost Pepper Seeds for sale - Naga Bhut Jolokia.

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Save on Ghost Pepper Seeds today from Harris Seeds.

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