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  1. Glxgears is not a Benchmark - cchtml.com

    glxgears is an OpenGL program that reports FPS (frames per second) numbers. However, it is a very limited 'test'. Unlike most modern 3D games, glxgears: has an extremely low vertex/polygon count. does no texturing at all. only simple, flat shading is used...


  2. glxgears(1) - Linux man page

    • glxgears - GLX version of the infamous "gears" GL demo.
    • glxgears is a GLX demo that draws three rotating gears, and prints out framerate information to stdout.


  3. GLX - Wikipedia

    • GLX demo (glxgears) included with X11.


  4. linux - Disable vertical sync for glxgears - Stack Overflow

    You should then get several hundreds FPS on modern hardware. And you are now able to compare the results with others. $> vblank_mode=0 glxgears.


  5. glxgears — Talks — Форум

    Сравниваем производительность видеокарт. Nvidia 6600 Разрешение 1280x1024 glxgears -fullscreen 892 frames in 5.0 seconds.


  6. Linux Performance - 3D - using 'glxgears' - on several computers

    • That is, 'glxgears' can be used as a simplified measure of the 3D performance of your computer (the union of video card, software, etc.)


  7. Linux / UNIX: Test Graphical Performance ( 3D Acceleration / FPS ) – nixCraft

    • Open a terminal and type the following command: $ glxgears. Fig.01: glxgears in action (FPS rate is displayed in background).


  8. X/Troubleshooting/3D - Ubuntu Wiki | 4. glxgears drops to 30fps or below

    • Problem: glxgears has low FPS. It is important to note and remember that glxgears is *not* a benchmark tool.


  9. glxgears — Talks — Форум

    Тут интересную странность обнаружил, пока мучал иксы: Если запустить иксы от рута командой startx, то glxgears показывает ~2600 fps.


  10. glxgears - YouTube

    • glxgears running on nouveau Hanno Böck 1,964 views. glxgears - Duration: 0:39. gerryg400 50 views.
    • GlxGears Ubuntu Desktop: FPS Test - Duration: 0:24.