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How to Get Desktop Notifications From Gmail and Google Calendar


Staying with that, let us see how we can enable desktop notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar. The best way would be to use Chrome’s built-in notification package.

Create a Gmail filter for Calendar Notifications - Web Applications...


For some reason, Gmail does not seem to allow you to filter on the Sender field of an email. Is there another clever way to filter Google Calendar notifications to a separate folder?

Change or turn off Calendar notifications - Computer - Calendar Help


Next to your calendar's name, click Edit notifications.

Events from Gmail - Computer - Calendar Help | Flight notifications


If you don't want events from Gmail on your calendar, you can delete a single event, or change your settings so

Gmail Notifier Pro - Screenshots and features | Notifications


Gmail Notifier Pro main window. Overview of all configured accounts. All unread mail in all mail boxes are listed.

a way to disable calendar notifications from specific calendar?


Personal gmail account calendar notifications from Android calendar app.

Email nofifications not working in Google Calendar. - gmail...


I just got a notice of this change to how Google calendar sends notifications in my Gmail window yesterday. Could this be causing your problem? posted by IndigoRain at 10:12 PM on May 7, 2011.

Google's iPhone App Adds Notifications for Gmail and Google...


The latest version of Google Mobile App for iPhone solves one of these issues by adding push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar.

How to cut back Google Calendars notifications


By default, they consist of a message sent to your Gmail address and a pop-up notification in your browser and in the Calendar app on any Android devices synced to your account. That may not seem...

20 Indispensable Gmail Calendar Hacks for 2015 - CPC Strategy


Gmail calendar has some pretty useful built-in tools. Tools most of its users aren’t using.

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