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  1. Google Chrome to blame for MacBook crashes | Technology News

    • If your brand new MacBook Air has been crashing a lot lately, Google's Chrome browser might have something to do with it.
    • Facebook to Discontinue Groups App on September 1. Google Pixel to Retain Last Year's Design With Wide Bezels: Report.


  2. Why You Shouldn't Use Google Chrome on the New Macbook - OMG! Chrome!

    • HarryWarden. I too have noticed a marked decrease in battery life on my 2013 MacBook Air. Not sure the reason as I only use Safari (Chrome is
    • xdigi. The whole “provide same experience” is garbage when Google is the first to whine and moan at apps for now following their stupid material design.


  3. Download google chrome free for macbook air | Google Chromium OS is the first step towards a revolutionary Web-based operating system that uses online apps and stores everything on the Internet.

    • Google Chrome for Mac is Google's high speed web browser for Macs. Since coming onto the scene less then a decade ago, Chrome has grabbed
    • here are Google chrome free download macbook air post tags, in these articles contain the mod, apk, app, and games review from trusted resources. no...


  4. Download & How to Install Chromium OS on MacBook Air

    • So finally Chromium OS for MacBook Air is here with every bit of hardware working except Bluetooth.
    • Download Google Chrome for Ubuntu Linux (Pre-Alpha Chromium Build).
    • 5 Best Apps for Apple Watch To Unlock Your Mac Without A Password.


  5. Setup, Install and Run Chromium OS On MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Laptops - Tutorial

    • In this blogpost we will show MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Laptops users How to Download and Install Chromium (Chrome) OS On Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with simple easy steps and guide.


  6. Google chrome download macbook air

    • How to download chromecast app for mac osx pc / macbook? Make sure your chromecast device on HD TV is ready (my setup name is chrome cast 2053).
    • here are Download google chrome 2014 for macbook air post tags, in these articles contain information and review from trusted resources. no...


  7. How do the specs - and other features - of Google's new Chromebook Pixel compare to the MacBook Air?

    • It’s much sharper than the MacBook Air’s 1,440 x 900 screen. Like many Windows 8 Ultrabooks, the Chromebook Pixel sports a multitouch display.
    • There is some decent stuff in the Chrome Web Store (Pixlr, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, a full suite of Google apps), but the apps – and the operating...


  8. Google Chrome killing battery in MacBook Air? | Official Apple Support Communities

    • Google has yet to demonstrate the ability to write efficient OS X apps and I doubt their ability to
    • Yes, Chrome needs to be fixed. No, this is no issue related to Apple / Macbook Air. Argow.
    • So it just seems that Chrome is simply not nearly as energy efficient for MacBooks as Safari is.


  9. Chrome browser for macbook air - For Google Chrome Windows 7,8,10

    • hop users. contacts with facebook, google and and chrome browser for macbook air 3 gb of a multidimensional look. logo's en handelsmerken van derden at a much discounted rate.
    • Chrome web app tutorial. Chrome opens multiple tabs.


  10. Google chrome macbook air fan | Loud fan with no apps running.

    • Does anyone know why does Google Chrome Overheat my Macbook Air?
    • modern Macs. The app allows you to override Apple’s own rules about cooling your MacBook Air by increasing the minimum fan speed, with the ultimate aim of prolonging the life of your hardware.