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Discover great apps, games, extensions and themes for Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome add-on’s and apps.

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Широкий выбор приложений, игр, расширений и тем для Google Chrome.

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Chrome Apps let you use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to deliver an experience comparable to a native application.

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Google Chrome Apps are web applications that run on the Google Chrome web browser. Chrome apps can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store where apps, extensions, and themes can be installed or bought.

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GoogleChrome/chrome-app-samples. Code.

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By signing in to Google Chrome with your Google Apps login your bookmarks and preferences will be synced across all your devices.

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Read about latest and greatest Google Chrome extensions here.

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Other times, they’re full-blown applications built exclusively for Google Chrome. One of the best things about Chrome Apps is that many of them have the ability to run offline.

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