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  1. Delete the Browser History in Google Chrome on a MacBook Air - VisiHow

    Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today I'm going to show you how to delete the browser history on your Macbook Air while using Google Chrome. It can often be the case that you want to delete your browser history, perhaps if you have too many cookies tracking you from different web sites...


  2. Google Chrome blamed for new MacBook Air crashes | VentureBeat | Dev | by Ed Sutherland

    • A spate of crashing new MacBook Air laptops running Google’s Chrome browser had the tech conspiracists in a tizzy, what with the frenemies relationship between iPhone-maker Apple and Android-creator Google.


  3. Top 10 Best Browser for Mac Os X Macbook Air/Pro 2016

    • Google Chrome is one more most popular web browsers for mac os x pc. Though Apple Safari is the most recommended browser for mac, chrome has it’s own impact. I am using Google chrome along with safari browser on my macbook air laptop.


  4. We Were Right: Google Confirms Chrome Is to Blame for Crashing MacBooks

    • In a statement issued directly to Gizmodo this evening, a spokesperson for Google has confirmed that Chrome is indeed to blame for our frozen and crashing new MacBook Airs. "We have identified a leak of graphics resources in the Chrome browser related to the drawing of plugins on Mac OS X...


  5. Google Confirms Chrome Browser is Causing New MacBook Airs to Crash

    • Google has confirmed that it has identified a “leak of graphics resources” in its hugely popular Chrome web browser that is causing kernel panics on some MacBook Airs.


  6. Google Chrome is crashing the new MacBook Air laptops | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech

    • MacBook Air owners have been getting persistent kernel panics while they work with the tabs and windows of Google Chrome; that is, when they close or manage windows.
    • “We have identified a leak of graphics resources in the Chrome browser related to the drawing of plugins on Mac OS X. Work is...


  7. Google Chrome for Mac - Download | Google's superfast browser for Mac

    • Google Chrome for Mac is Google's high speed web browser for Macs.
    • I haven't used Google Chrome in a while, however, last week I downloaded it on my late-2010 MacBook Air.


  8. google chrome browser for macbook air - Информационно-поисковая База jylyoi.kz

    • Chrome for Mac only works on Intel Macs and you might find that some add-ons that you used with previous browsers aren't available for it yet. There have been very few successful attempts to modify Google Chromium OS for Macs but one such version has been by a MacBook Air user although it...


  9. Google Chrome for Mac : Free Download : MacUpdate

    Free. Category: Browsers. Google Chrome is a Web browser by Google, created to be a modern platform for Web pages and applications. It utilizes very fast loading of Web pages and has a V8 engine, which is a custom built JavaScript engine.


  10. Google admits Chrome bug responsible for crashing MacBook Airs

    • Google has accepted responsibility for a kernel panic issue on Apple's new MacBook Airs that was apparently being caused by a graphics resource leak in its Chrome browser. Shortly after Apple released updated MacBook Airs earlier this month...