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Fine-tune Chrome with extensions.

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You will need Google Chrome to install most apps, extensions and themes.

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Integrating with DevTools & Chrome. DevTools Extensions API.

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Tag Archives | Google Chrome extensions. Google launched the first version of its Chrome web browser in 2008 and it has taken the world in storm shortly thereafter.

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Google Chrome Extensions are browser extensions that modify the Google Chrome browser. These extensions are written using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Google Chrome Extensions are downloadable through the Chrome Web Store...

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With Google Chrome reaching new heights and its user base increasing, there has been a great

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Extension development for the Google Chrome web browser.

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Read about latest and greatest Google Chrome extensions here. You will find a bunch of useful Chrome extensions being posted here with download links.

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Here, in this post, we will have a list of top 35 Google Chrome extensions. We’ve categorized these extensions in a way that it would be possible for you to find the appropriate one, easily.

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Extensions that help you keep your tabs under control and more. Google’s Chrome browser is already pretty great. But there are plenty of ways to make it better — like downloading extensions.

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