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What are extensions? - Google Chrome


For example, the image to the right shows the icon that provides the UI for the Google Mail Checker extension.

Extensions - The Chromium Projects


Chromium Blog. Google Chrome Extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions: Developer Documentation goes live


If you are a google chrome extension developer, or planing to be one, you have a good news. The official documentation page for Extension developers, is live. If you are in a hurry, jump that page right now, clicking here.

Developing Google Chrome Extensions


I strongly recommend to check out the documentation to get a better idea of how to accomplish these tasks.

Chrome Extensions Developer Documentation... - userstyles.org


+ Install with Stylish. Chrome Extensions Developer Documentation. 162420.

Chrome DevTools | Web | Google Developers


Integrating with DevTools and Chrome. DevTools Extensions API.

Create a chrome plugin with Python – Python Tutorial


Google Chrome extension created with Python (serverless, method B). (click to zoom). Google Chrome plugins are written in HTML, JavaScript and and CSS. If you have never written a Chrome plugin before I suggest chrome extensions documentation.

First Google Chrome Extensions


A design document shows an example of Google Chrome extension. For now, extensions are just fancy wrappers for user scripts, but there are plans to make them more useful by exposing browser features and allowing developers to create interfaces.

Google Chrome Extension Developer Guide : Chrome Event...


1) Google’s Chrome Extension Getting Started Guide Gives a step by step explanation of how to get started and also a comprehensive set of APIs/ 2) Chrome API Guide Has a fairly comprehensive set of APIs and its documentation.

Offline/Downloadable Documentation for Google Chrome Extension...


When the recursive download is complete, open the file ./developer.chrome.com/extensions/index.html relative to the directory in which you executed the wget command/script.


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