What are extensions? - Google Chrome


For example, the image to the right shows the icon that provides the UI for the Google Mail Checker extension.

Developer's Guide - Google Chrome


Changing the Google Chrome chrome. Browser Actions. Add icons to the toolbar (extensions only).

Google Chrome Extensions: Developer Documentation goes live


If you are a google chrome extension developer, or planing to be one, you have a good news. The official documentation page for Extension developers, is live. If you are in a hurry, jump that page right now, clicking here.

Extensions - The Chromium Projects


Chromium Blog. Google Chrome Extensions.

Developing Google Chrome Extensions


I strongly recommend to check out the documentation to get a better idea of how to accomplish these tasks.

Newest 'google-chrome-extension' Questions - Stack Overflow


I'm using Google's documentation to add inline installation on my website. Now I don't want to offer the button if the extension is already installed.

Google Chrome Extensions: Developer Documentation


chrome extensionのつくりかた « ku 50 users. Google Chrome Extensions: Developer Documentation 74 users.

First Google Chrome Extensions


A design document shows an example of Google Chrome extension. For now, extensions are just fancy wrappers for user scripts, but there are plans to make them more useful by exposing browser features and allowing developers to create interfaces.

How to Build a Chrome Extension


All of my Chrome extension-building knowledge comes from Google's very thorough documentation and good ol' fashioned World Wide Web searches when I'd get stuck. So you should certainly check out: The Official Google Chrome Extensions Developer's Guide: It's the starting point for everything...

PHP documentation – PHP.net « Google Chrome Extensions


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