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  1. Mac - Apple | MacBook

    • MacBook Air.
    • Apple Footer. * $1500 trade-in refers to a Mac Pro in excellent condition. Trade-in values will vary based on the condition, model, and configuration of your trade-in device.


  2. Google Chrome blamed for new MacBook Air crashes | VentureBeat | Dev | by Ed Sutherland

    • While both Google and Apple investigate, the Chrome browser was updated to disable some graphics acceleration on the MacBook Air.
    • Others questioned Google placing blame on Apple for a “bug” in the new MacBook Air.


  3. Setup, Install and Run Chromium OS On MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Laptops - Tutorial

    • We all know that Chromium Operating System is the open-source platform version of Google’s Chrome Operating System which is a
    • Step 10: Congratulations!! You're done and now you should see Chromium (Chrome) OS Contents On Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Laptops.


  4. Chrome is causing MacBook Airs to require reboot, but Google claims it's a problem on Apple's end. | TechRadar

    • Google admitted that Chrome is the source of the crashes, though they say the problem ultimately lies with Apple's MacBook Air drivers. In other words, this is Apple's problem to fix. Google speaks up about crashes.


  5. Google Chromebook Outsales Apple's MacBook Pro, Air, Notebooks, Is Price Difference Major Reason? : Tech : Science World Report

    • Google Chromebook has out-shipped Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook notebooks in the United States in the first quarter of the year. According to reports, more personal computers that are powered by Google's Chrome operating system were also shipped in the country in the same...


  6. Why You Shouldn't Use Google Chrome on the New Macbook - OMG! Chrome!

    • Owners of Apple's super-thin new MacBook are being told to avoid using Google Chrome if they want to squeeze the most battery life out of their portable.
    • Jeff Edsell. The latest Macbook is very much like the first Macbook Air: almost more of a proof of concept than a finished product.


  7. Google Chromebook Pixel Vs. Apple MacBook Pro, Air: Premium Notebooks Battle For Glory

    [[nid:1100499]]. A Wednesday news break from The Wall Street Journal saying Google was developing a touchscreen device running on Chrome operating system didn’t last long as the search engine giant put all speculations to rest by announcing the Chromebook Pixel Thursday...


  8. How do the specs - and other features - of Google's new Chromebook Pixel compare to the MacBook Air?

    • Note that we’re focusing on the mid-2012, 13-inch MacBook Air (Apple also sells the machine in an 11-inch model).
    • There is some decent stuff in the Chrome Web Store (Pixlr, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, a full suite of Google apps), but the apps – and the operating system as a whole – look...


  9. 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Chrome on a MacBook

    • I'm running a MacBook Air with El Capitan and have both Chrome and Safari installed. The reason is because I have a gmail account and bookmarks tied with Chrome.
    • I reached out to Apple and Google and finally just deleted Chrome and migrated to Safari.


  10. Download and Install Google Chrome for Mac

    • This is a guide to help you download, install and set up Chrome on your Apple MacBook or MacBook Air.
    • To download Google Chrome for your Mac, go to google.com/chrome.