Why You Shouldn't Use Google Chrome on the New Macbook


Owners of Apple’s super-thin new MacBook are being told to avoid using Google Chrome if they want to squeeze the most battery life out of their portable.

Google Chromebook Pixel Vs. Apple MacBook Pro, Air: Premium...


[[nid:1100499]]. A Wednesday news break from The Wall Street Journal saying Google was developing a touchscreen device running on Chrome operating system didn’t last long as the search engine giant put all speculations to rest by announcing the Chromebook Pixel Thursday...

Setup, Install and Run Chromium OS On MacBook Air & MacBook...


How to Download, Setup, Install and Run Chromium (Chrome) OS On Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Laptops?

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Chrome on a MacBook


I'm running a MacBook Air with El Capitan and have both Chrome and Safari installed. The reason is because I have a gmail account and bookmarks tied with Chrome.

Chew on This: Google Chrome OS for Apple MacBooks?


If one individual could create a package for a single Apple MacBook Air, certainly Google could do it for the entire MacBook line.

Google Chrome browser updated for Apple's Retina display...


Google Chrome users with Apple's next-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro can now take advantage of the high-resolution Retina display with their browser.

New MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: 13-inch Apple... - Macworld UK


13in MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: New Macs possibly coming soon. Let’s start with the MacBook Air - Apple’s MacBook Air last saw an update in March 2015, and before that it was updated in April 2014, suggesting that we’re due for an update in the next couple of months.

Google blames Apple for Chrome crashing MacBooks | TechRadar


Google acknowledged that their Google Chrome browser is causing some users to have to reboot their Apple MacBook Air laptops. Chrome is causing kernel panics on the new MacBook Air, crashing not only the browser, but the entire system as well.

New MacBook Air Crashing? Blame Google Chrome, Probably...


Earlier, we posted about our new MacBook Airs, which, still in only their first days of use, have been

Install & Run Chromium OS on a MacBook Air


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