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  1. How to add a history timeline to Google Chrome [Tip] | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech

    • To turn your Google Chrome page history into a timeline, add the History Timeline extension to the browser.
    • However, as it doesn’t access your historic history there probably won’t be much on it to begin with.


  2. Sexy is History - Meet "History Timeline Extension" for Google Chrome - Chrome Story

    • “Chrome History Timeline is an extension that makes a visual timeline of your browser history using OpenGraph data and traditional meta-data. Like History, but with pictures. This is a prototype from Po.ta.to in collaboration with Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney.”


  3. Google Timeline

    • Google launched Chrome, its first Web browser.
    • Google Timeline Timeline History Timelines of Events provide fast facts and information about famous events in history, such as those detailed in the Google Timeline which precipitated a significant change in World history.


  4. chrome.history - Google Chrome

    • Using the Timeline. Timeline Demo: Layout Thrashing. Profiling JavaScript Performance.
    • Use the chrome.history API to interact with the browser's record of visited pages. You can add, remove, and query for URLs in the browser's history.


  5. History Timeline makes your Web history look downright sexy

    • Created by P.ota.to (a London-based duo focusing on scalable Web apps) in collaboration with Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney, the History Timeline Chrome extension doesn’t show your Web browsing history in a long searchable list of URLs, instead...


  6. Google history timeline

    • Google history timeline. The reason Google chrome was put up was for promptness. Google had the same user plan such as the plans for opera 10 and safari 4.


  7. How to Use the Timeline Tool | Web | Google Developers

    By Kayce Basques. Technical Writer at Google. Warning: This page is deprecated. See Performance Analysis Reference for up-to-date information. Use the Chrome DevTools Timeline panel to record and analyze all the activity in your application as it runs.


  8. Google Chrome version history - Wikipedia

    The following table summarizes the release history for the Google Chrome web browser. Release date is the date of first release. All channels have subsequent updates which are not shown. For release update history see Google Chrome Releases.


  9. 5 Browser History Management Extensions For Google Chrome

    • Here’s a list of 5 browser history manager extensions for Google Chrome which can help you manage your browsing history more easily when using Chrome.
    • History Timeline.


  10. Google History Timeline

    • Google History Timeline Timeline Description: Google was a company started by a couple of college kids with a big idea.
    • They unveiled the apps compatible with the Android phones, as well as Google Chrome, and had over 1 billion active devices in 2013.