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Google Chrome killing battery in MacBook Air? | Official Apple...


I fired up Google Chrome - the latest version and my browser of choice - and immediately noticed the battery drain.

Why You Shouldn't Use Google Chrome on the New Macbook


Owners of Apple's super-thin new MacBook are being told to avoid using Google Chrome if they want to squeeze the most battery life out of their portable.

1. Chrome Drains Your MacBook Battery


Ads by Google. It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s worth saying again: if battery life is important to you, avoid using Chrome.

Dump Google Chrome to extend your MacBook's battery life


At the end of the day, despite Safari's extra boost in the battery life department, Google Chrome will remain the default browser on my MacBook Air. Even though it is more power-hungry, its more powerful feature set, which offers some clear advantages in my case over Safari...

Will uninstalling Google Chrome restore my Macbook Air's battery...


My 13 inch MacBook Air shows only 9:13 hours of battery life despite Apple's claim of 12 hours. Should I wait or show it to the service centre... Can I use Google Chrome on Macbook Air?

Chrome is still a threat to your MacBook's battery - The Verge


Google’s Chrome is the best web browser for my needs. Apple’s MacBooks are the best computers for my needs.

Getting the new MacBook? Avoid Google Chrome for better battery life


Perhaps the new MacBook will persuade Google to finally address Chrome’s niggles under OS X, but I wouldn’t count on it. If you’re adopting Apple’s new machine and you value battery life, then, it’s probably

Правда ли MacBook Air работает 12 часов


Я тогда сильнее ждал обновления ретиновых MacBook Pro — но поскольку оно до сих пор не произошло, Air получается главным

Google chrome for macbook air


Google chrome for macbook air. The Surface Pro 4 comes in many configurations, from the different processors to the storage options (128GB, 256GB

Increase Macbook Air 13 Battery Backup - Upto 17 Hours


[Pro Tip] Use Google Chrome On Macbook Air For a Whopping 17 Hour Battery Backup! August 28, 2013 Debjit+1. Are you already in love with your Apple Macbook Air? Well, we give you yet another reason to love it more.


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