Google Chrome crashing new MacBook Airs - CNET

Chrome's interaction with the Air's Intel HD 4000 graphics appears to be causing kernel panics for some.

Google Chrome blamed for new MacBook Air crashes | VentureBeat

A spate of crashing new MacBook Air laptops running Google’s Chrome browser had the tech conspiracists in a tizzy, what with the frenemies relationship between iPhone-maker Apple and Android-creator Google.

Google Chrome Crashes on MacBook Air, Pushes Update

Google acknowledged late on Thursday that its Chrome browser was causing crashes on some MacBook Air models. Google issued a statement saying that the problem affects Mac with Intel’s HD 4000 graphics chip running OS X...

Google Chrome Causing New MacBook Air To Crash

Chrome is suffering from a memory leak, which causes a kernel panic in the MacBook Air (which shouldn't be possible), causing the system to lock up. Google is working on the resource leak in Chrome, and has contacted Apple about the kernel panic.

New MacBook Air Crashing? Blame Google Chrome, Probably...

Update: A spokesperson for Google reached out to Gizmodo, directing us to their Chrome release blog and issuing the below statement with regards to our MacBook Air/Chrome crash hypothesis. (We were right!)

Is Google Chrome Causing Your MacBook Air To Crash? Could Be.

They turned to their own forums and the Apple Support forums and found that many other users of the MacBook Air also had the crashing issue. Both parties saw improvements when they stopped using Google’s star web browser, Chrome, but no one could be sure.

Google Chrome is crashing the new MacBook Air... | dotTechdotTech

A number of MacBook Air users have been complaining about their MacBooks crashing unexpectedly while they were using their laptops. The reason behind the problem was confirmed officially with Google announcing that the crashing is being caused by Google Chrome.

MacBook crashes are Chrome's fault, confirms Google | The Verge

If you’ve been finding your MacBook Air particularly crash prone, chances are it could be Google’s Chrome browser. In a statement issued to Gizmodo, Google explains that a graphics resource leak is leading to kernel panics on devices with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics (i.e...

New MacBook Air Freezing & Crashing? Try Using Safari or Chrome...

Update 6/28/2012: Google has confirmed that an existing version of Chrome is causing conflicts and crashes with the Intel HD 4000 GPU on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Google Chrome causing new MacBook Air to crash - TechSpot

Owners of Apple's newly released MacBook Air have been experiencing persistent kernel panics on their systems, causing the laptop to freeze and crash. The issue generated a lot of discussion on Apple's support communities among frustrated users and earlier this week Gizmodo reported...

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