Google Chrome killing battery in MacBook Air? | Apple Support...

Chrome has serious flaws and power issue drains on Macbooks, Google hasnt fixed their browser yet. Firefox doesnt have this issue.

Chrome Problems on MacBook Air - Google Respond

Google Chrome Problems On MacBook Air. Latest News and Fix!

Google Chrome crashing new MacBook Airs - CNET

Yesterday Google did update Chrome to fix a number of security vulnerabilities and bugs, though the update's release notes do not specifically mention a fix for MacBook Air crashes.

Google Chrome is crashing the new MacBook Air laptops

Google also said that an immediate fix for the problem has been made, and that they will be providing a complete fix soon.

Google Acknowledges Chrome Bug In New MacBook Air

Google has acknowledged that Chrome is the issue behind the kernel panics for Macs featuring an Intel HD 4000 graphics chip. Google is working on fixing the issue and has temporarily disabled some of the Chrome’s GPU acceleration on the new MacBook Air.

Google admits Chrome causes new MacBook Air crash but it has a fix

Apple only recently unveiled its new MacBook Air computers at its WWDC event in June, while Google has made its Chrome browser available to both iPhone and iPad users for the first time. Have you had problems with your new MacBook Air? Has the update fixed the issue?

New MacBook Air Freezing & Crashing? Try Using Safari or Chrome...

Update 6/28/2012: Google has confirmed that an existing version of Chrome is causing conflicts and crashes with the Intel HD 4000 GPU on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Is Google Chrome Causing Your MacBook Air To Crash? Could Be.

So, while it’s good to know what’s going on, users of Apple’s latest MacBook Air hardware who are experiencing crashes (I’m not, but my Air is from last year) might check for an auto-update of Google Chrome, or stick to Firefox and Safari until Google fixes the main issue.

Google Chrome Crashes on MacBook Air, Pushes Update

Google acknowledged late on Thursday that its Chrome browser was causing crashes on some MacBook Air models.

Google Chrome blamed for new MacBook Air crashes | VentureBeat

While both Google and Apple investigate, the Chrome browser was updated to disable some graphics acceleration on the MacBook Air. A more permanent fix will be pushed out “in the coming days,” Google assures concerned MacBook Air owners.

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