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The following table summarizes the release history for Google Chrome. All versions support Windows. OS X and Linux support started with version 5.0.375. The Android 4 platform was first supported with version 16.0.4130.199 (Chrome for Android).

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Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It used the WebKit layout engine until version 27 and with the exception of its iOS releases, from version 28 and beyond uses the WebKit fork Blink.

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Google Chrome complete version history | Online... | 3. 4. 2. Version history for Google Chrome - AfterDawn.

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Google Chrome Older Versions Download (Windows, Linux & Mac). Google only provides an online setup file for Google Chrome which always downloads the latest version of Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome's Version Number Is Meaningless

Google Chrome is the first browser that has a meaningless version number. Since Chrome is automatically updated

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Google Chrome version history. Google Chrome has been updated 8 times over the past 12 months. Jun 07, 201651.0. [no details available].

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