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  1. Google Chromebook Prices Drop - Available for $299

    • Google Chromebook laptops automatically back up files to the cloud with Google Drive.
    • Samsung had earlier dropped the price of all their Chromebook models by almost 10%.


  2. Google Chromebook Pixel review - CNET | The Bottom Line Despite impressive hardware specs and solid industrial design, the Chromebook Pixel’s high price and cloud OS limitations make it impossible to recommend for the vast majority of users.

    • Brilliant Pixel resolution, brutal Pixel price. The Chromebook Pixel is Google's first in-house-designed laptop, and it's one sharp-looking device.


  3. Make the Switch – Google Chromebooks

    • Skype is not currently supported on Chromebooks, but Google Hangouts works on your Chromebook right out of the box and can be used across devices making it easy to make phone calls...


  4. Google chromebooks specs

    • Google chromebook pixel 2015. Price: $1,610.00.
    • 5th Intel Core i7-5500U, 16GB DDR3L-1600, 64GB SSD, plus the 1TB of cloud storage that you get from Google Drive for three years.


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  6. Samsung Chromebook: review - CNET

    • With Google Chromebooks, price really does make all the difference. For those unfamiliar with the term, Chromebooks are laptops running on Google's browser-based, cloud-focused Chrome OS.


  7. Google Chromebook: Price is right but device is limiting: Review | Toronto Star

    Google’s low-cost computer Chromebook is another product that took a bit of time to come to our shores, but three models — Samsung, Asus and HP — are now available in Canada.


  8. 2nd Gen Samsung ChromeBook Priced to Fail - OMG! Chrome!

    • Submit News Alternative Tip Form. 2nd Gen Samsung ChromeBook Priced to Fail.
    • Google used to send Chromebooks out for testing. They weren’t the models Samsung and the other manufacturers...


  9. Google Chromebook Pixel Laptop Reviews and Prices - CostHelper.com

    • The Google Chromebook Pixel follows the release of several low-priced Chromebook options. However, the Chromebook Pixel is not one of those light-weight, low-cost laptops.


  10. Google Chromebook Laptop Reviews and Prices - CostHelper.com

    • CostHelper Bottom Line: Advertised prices for the Google Chromebook do not vary from the $249 base MSRP.