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  1. Samsung Chromebook review | The Verge | With ARM, has Google’s cloud-based laptop finally found its soulmate?

    • People laugh when I pull the old Samsung Series 5 Chromebook out of my bag.
    • You have little choice but to wait it out in Google Docs until the words come to you (coincidentally, that’s exactly how this review was written).


  2. Review: Samsung Google Chromebook | Everything Express

    • Chromebook Before I review the Chromebook, I think it’s best to explain what a Chromebook exactly is.
    • I define the Samsung Chromebook as Google’s “Nexus” Chromebook – for one main reason: the developer mode switch.


  3. Google Chromebook Review Roundup: Hands On With Samsung's Chrome OS-Powered Series S | HuffPost

    • Most reviewers note Samsung Chromebook's trackpad is a big improvement over Google's Cr-48 pilot laptops from last year, and the device will boot up in a blazing eight seconds.
    • Google Chromebook Samsung Series 5 Reviews.


  4. Samsung Chromebook Series 5 review

    • Samsung Chromebook Series 5 review. Dana Wollman, @danawollman.
    • For almost two years now, Google's been talking up the idea of always-on, always-connected laptops based on a version of its Chrome browser.


  5. Samsung Chromebook Review: Google Bets On Samsung Chromebook

    • Review of: Samsung Chromebook. Product by
    • A new laptop was released by Samsung in association with Google wherein it gets powered by Google’s browser based and cloud oriented Chrome Operating System.


  6. Review: Samsung Chromebook (XE303C12-A01) - SamMobile

    Intro. Last year at the end of November Samsung and Google announced a new Chromebook, a 11.6 inch thin and lightweight laptop running on Samsung’s latest Exynos 5 Dual-core processor. This is infact the first Chromebook that is running on a ARM based processor instead of a x86 based...


  7. Samsung Chromebook review | TechRadar | Some applications such as Google Docs can work offline even if there's no Wi-Fi

    • The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook reviewed and rated. By Christopher Phin Laptops and netbooks.
    • This is technically the fifth iteration of the Google Chromebook – so long as you count Google's own CR-48 prototype.


  8. Google Chrome OS hands on; we review Samsung's first Chromebook - OMG! Ubuntu!

    • It's not often that a laptop fills a particular purpose gracefully, and Samsung's first laptop running Google's new Chrome OS does a pretty good job. However before you read on, you should first set your expectations. Laptops running Chrome OS, or Chromebooks as they've come to be known...


  9. Review: Samsung Chromebook Plus has a display and build worthy of Android apps [Video] | 9to5Google

    Over the past year, Chrome OS has evolved in huge ways, but most drastically with the addition of Android apps. The matching hardware, conversely, hasn’t changed that much. We’ve had some Chromebooks like the Acer R13 which nailed the 2-in-1 form factor, but nothing we’d call revolutionary.


  10. The $249 Samsung Chromebook is a good extra computer for cloud-loving Google-centric Web users.

    • Samsung Chromebook review
    • Laptops. Samsung Chromebook. With Google Chromebooks, price really does make all the difference.