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Кодировка Cyrillic Extended поддерживает больше языков, и следовательно вес файла больше. Использовать ее имеет смысл только если требуемый язык не поддерживается стандартной Cyrillic.

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Hello , My client claims that Polish characters on the website does not display properly – they are converted to another typeface. Probably it would help download “latin extended” version of open sans font.

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Какой тип шрифта выбирать в Google Fonts Cyrillic или Cyrillic Extended: font css. Описание дополнительных символов кириллицы A, Описание. 8 июл 2013. Это Arial, Verdana, Tahoma и еще ряд таких же знакомых и стандартных шрифтов Итак...

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...Cyrillic Cyrillic Supplement Cyrillic Extended-A Cyrillic Extended-B Greek Greek Greek Extended Armenian Coptic Georgian Georgian Georgian Supplement African scripts Ethiopic

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Merriweather version 1.5 with Cyrillic, extended Cyrillic, and extended Latin – and hinting – has shipped to Google!

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Ethiopic Extended Cyrillic Extended-A Supplemental Punctuation CJK Radicals Supplement Kangxi Radicals Ideographic Description Characters CJK Symbols and

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Unicode Block: Cyrillic Extended-B. Cyrillic Extended-B has 95 characters from U+A640 - U+A69F. There are 48 fonts that have a character in this range.

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According to Google Web Fonts filtering tool, Cuprum supports Cyrillic, and Ubuntu Condensed supports both Cyrillic and Cyrillic Extended. I also tried to match the thickness, slant and width of my choice with the Oswald font.

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