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A Swift Tutorial for Google Maps SDK on iOS | Obtaining an API Key


By selecting the Google Maps SDK for iOS API, you’ll be navigated to a new page, where all you have to do is to enable the API

Google Maps iOS SDK Tutorial: Getting Started | Creating API Keys


Click Create new key, and then click iOS key to create the Google Maps SDK key: Enter the starter project’s bundle identifier (tutorial.feedme.com) and click Create: Create another key, only this time choose Server key to create the Places API key.

Google Maps SDK for iOS | Google Developers


Активация Google Maps SDK for iOS

Начало работы | Google Maps SDK for iOS | Google Developers


Необходимо активировать Google Maps SDK for iOS и (дополнительно) Google Places API for iOS в вашем проекте, используя Google Developers Console.

4b. Obtain the Google Maps API Key for iOS


Tutorial for Mac/Linux. PhoneGap Usage. Tutorial for Monaca (Cloud building service). Map.

Google API Tutorial | Google Maps in HTML


This tutorial is about the Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface). An API is a set of methods and tools that can be used for building software applications. Google Maps API allows you to display maps on your web site

How to use the Google Places Autocomplete API with Google Maps...


The google maps SDK for iOS offers plenty of great API to work with, one of them is the Google Places API. In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate the Google Maps SDK in your iOS project...

Additional facilities of Google Maps API integration with iOS app


Integration with iOS app tutorial. Let’s create a new project and name it GoogleMapsAPIExample.

Part 1: Integrating Google Maps with an Ionic Application


The Google Maps API is an awesome piece of tech by itself, but when you couple it with a device that is meant to be mobile, as in not stationary, it opens up

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