geocoding - Best way to geocode UK postcode with Google Maps API?

Edit: To be clearer this uses the local search in google search api, not the google maps api to do the geocoding which is much more accurate. The best way is to use Google Search Api.

Google Maps API part 1: Accurate Geocoding for UK Postcodes

Google API free does not have a UK license for postcodes hence the accuracy of using Google maps for store Locators is very poor.

Google Maps API Tutorial | Testing if a string is a UK postcode

Unlike other countries, the geographical information associated with UK postcodes is strictly controlled.

Murray Picton | Free UK Postcode Lookup Using the Google Maps API

It’s this web service functionality that will provide us with free UK postcode lookup, something you normally have to pay for due to Royal Mail’s restrictive copyright policies. Note: In the following scripts I am assuming use of the Google Maps API Version 3.0.

UK Postcodes w/ Google Map API

Using Google Maps API to look up a UK postcode to an address with a relatively high accuracy for free!...

NonGoogleGeocoders - gmaps-api-issues - The Google geocoder...

UK Postcode Geocoder Tutorial- Google Maps geocoder for UK postcodes is inaccurate, here is a solution that uses Google Maps API combined with Google AJAX Search API to geocode UK postcodes, all free and all with Google APIs and much greater accuracy.

Distance Between Full UK Postcodes | Popular Map Tools

Google Maps API. Information on UK Postcodes. - Similar Sites and Reviews Plotting Postcode Items onto UK Google Maps. A leading Google Maps resource, explains how to plot items onto UK Google Maps using UK postcodes.

Postcode range google maps api Freelancers and Jobs - Freelancer

This is a Google Maps API specialists job. Requirements: 1) I require a Google Maps script for...which then shows these postcodes marked on to Google Maps.

Google Maps with UK postcodes

Google Maps with UK postcodes. Posted on 23 November 2007 by Di.

Поиск реализован с помощью Yandex XML и Google Custom Search API