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  1. Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Map API - Tom Anthony

    • […] Geocoding UK Postcodes – Step by step instructions for using the Google AJAX Search API to geocode UK postcodes so you can create Google Maps displays. […]


  2. geocoding - Best way to geocode UK postcode with Google Maps API? - Stack Overflow

    Edit: To be clearer this uses the local search in google search api, not the google maps api to do the geocoding which is much more accurate. The best way is to use Google Search Api.


  3. Google Maps API Tutorial | Testing if a string is a UK postcode

    • I've no idea how the licensing of this works, but calls to GDirections do correctly geocode full UK postcodes. The locations are slightly different from the maps.google.com locations, since they will have been snapped to the nearest street.


  4. Caching Google Maps Geocoder Results - Tom Anthony

    • After my post Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Maps API I’ve had a few people contact me about caching geocoding results back to a server, for
    • While a relative newbie at this Google Maps thing, it seems to me inevitable that geocodes get stored with practically ANY mashup…? d.


  5. Google will Geocode UK addresses and postcodes! « nearby.org.uk blog

    • Something we wondered if we would ever see, but it seems the Google Maps API geocoder will now Geocode UK Addresses and Postcodes (see update below). This is quite big news on many fronts, as traditionally UK geocoding is expensive...


  6. Murray Picton | Free UK Postcode Lookup Using the Google Maps API

    • The Google Maps Web Service is a REST based service. This means that it uses standard HTTP protocols to communicate and therefore it makes it really easy to integrate with.
    • The response that is received contains the information we need to geocode our postcode into a full address.


  7. Batch geocoding

    • Batch geocoding. Use this page to geocode a large number of addresses, postcodes or ZIP codes.
    • Input address UK easting and northing what3words address Result quality UK administrative info Only valid with UK postcodes Google Maps link Row number Altitude Returned address Not...


  8. Google Maps API part 1: Accurate Geocoding for UK Postcodes — Lucky Larry

    • This chunk of code above is what utilises the google maps keys, to pass the data to google, geocode it and return the record and I've written this inside of a function that gets called on the form
    • Google basis (free) does not provide address verification (Geocoding) as there is no UK postcode license.


  9. HubLog: GMap Geocoding UK Postcodes

    • However, there's still a lack of data for anyone who needs to geocode UK postcodes today. Luckily, Emad Fanous has a wonderful Javascript API for retrieving the longitude and latitude from normal Google Maps searches, rather than through the API.


  10. Google Maps API Geocoder Tool | Postcode localities

    • Enter a query to geocode, or click on the map to reverse geocode. Show options Hide options.
    • Partial match. Address: Location: Types: Postcode localities