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Alba Iulia Map — Satellite Images of Alba Iulia. original name: Alba Iulia geographical location: Alba, Romania, Europe geographical coordinates: 46° 4' 0" North, 23° 35' 0" East.

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Alba Iulia 3D map in Google Earth. geographical coordinates: 46° 4' 0" North, 23° 35' 0" East geographical location: Alba, Romania, Europe original name: Alba Iulia.

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Map of Alba Iulia, Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google. Google Maps provides high-resolution aerial or satellite images.

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Romanian Monasteries - Travel Romania. Site Map.

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Detailed Alba Iulia city road map, street driving directions Google maps online – Bravica.

Alba Iulia Map - Alba County, Romania - Mapcarta

Alba Iulia [dead link] is a city in Western Transylvania, Romania. It is the capital of Alba county. There are direct international trains from Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Where is Alba Iulia, Romania located?

Here you can see location and online maps of the town Alba Iulia, Judeţul Alba, Romania. If necessary, scale the map, or choose a map from another provider (currently there are five available, from Google, Microsoft (Bing), Nokia (Ovi), Yandex, and OpenStreetMap).

Calea Motilor webcam (Alba Iulia, Romania)

Calea Motilor and more Romania webcams in Webcam directory with more than 1000s webcams throught the world.

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Romania Tourism, information regarding tourism in Alba Iulia - Romania. We are providing travel information, brochures, travel advice maps and pictures for Alba Iulia – Romania as well as for Bucharest and major cities in Romania.

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