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If you are a member of a UK academic institution you can get postcode boundaries from the UKBorders project.

Full UK Postcodes Polygons (mostly Open Data)

The UK Office for National Statistics also publish the postcode data and grant you a single end user

Google Maps Uk Postcode Polygon

Rise Of Tyrants Google Play.

Codebrain Blog | Google Maps UK Postcode Selector with jQuery

I've put together a web-based UK postcode selector using the KML features of Google Maps and jQuery

UK Postcode mapping in 5 minutes - The Information Lab

Ideally what I want is to build my UK maps, sometumes by postcode (or outcode) also by region, county and so forth. Could you please help?

UK Grid Reference Finder

Find the Postcode, Address and Co-Ordinates for any location by simply right-clicking on our map.

Google maps polygon creation Workers and Jobs | Freelancer

Google maps polygon creation Jobs: ID. Project/Contest.

Download UK Postcode Outcode Boundaries | Popular Map Tools

There are 124 out codes in the UK postal system. This KML file contains 124 polygons that represent each outcode boundary.

How to map geographies in Tableau that are not built in to the product...

In the UK, it knows the first half of the postcode (“AB1”) but not the full postcode (“AB1 2CD”). It also sometimes knows the centroids of, for example, postcodes which allows the construction of a point-based map, but not the polygons needed for a shaded map.

Поиск реализован с помощью Yandex XML и Google Custom Search API