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  1. google maps voice navigation uk

    • P.S.: When trying to download Voice Navigation a pop-up saying 'getting list of voices' is ... is the voice. i live in greece and there is no greek voice, so i downloaded the english uk voice, but ... I'll have to go back using Google Maps otherwise.


  2. Experiencing a Navigation Voice Issue? Read this. – Google Product Forums

    • Language > English (United Kingdom). The "Listen to an example" gives the UK english female voice that I would like to have used with navigation. Navigating with Google maps uses a US english female voice for everything.


  3. Google Maps Navigation Voice won't use my preferred TTS Engine/Voice – Google Product Forums

    • I used to solve it by keeping Maps 8.4.1, but now after Lollipop upgrade I'm stuck with a version with no working voice navigation in Maps (in Finnish, but the specific language doesn't seem to be the
    • The UK female voices work with Google's voice search, so it's clearly a problem specific to Maps.


  4. Google maps Voice Navigation does not work with Bluetooth enabled - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    • Spent hours trying to find a fix. I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have a 2012 Toyota Sienna Van. If I enable bluetooth to use phone handsfree in car the voice navigation feature of google maps does not work.


  5. Use navigation in the Google Maps app - Android - Google Maps Help

    • Open the Google Maps app Menu Settings Navigation settings. Next to "Play voice over Bluetooth," turn the switch on. If you don't see this option, it's not available on your device.
    • You'll hear "This is what it will sound like when navigating with Google Maps."


  6. Change google maps voice gender

    • Change the Google Maps voice Navigation in your android device. Sagar S 10,308 views · 0 Hello, I'm in the UK and would like to change the turn-by-turn voice on the maps app from "British Male" to something else (like you can with I've tried setting my Google App voice to female by enabling the...


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    • Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance.
    • The list of alternatives was updated Apr 2017 There is a history of all activites on Google Maps Navigation in our Activity Log.


  8. Changing Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation voice ? - OnePlus Forums

    • My system language is English (US). I want to have the turn-by-turn navigation spoken in Hindi. Anyone know how to do that for Google Maps ? Right now it does it in a English (UK) voice.


  9. Apple Maps vs Google Maps comparison review - Macworld UK

    • And frankly the turn by turn navigation on Apple Maps trumps Google Maps. The voice cues are to the point, they arrive at the right moments and unambiguous and predictable.
    • Apple Maps has a poor UK database, often favouring commercial names rather than geographical places.


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    • HTC Desire :: Google Maps Navigation Voice Search?
    • General :: Google Voice App Icon Changed To Android Character
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