Kirill Krinkin - Google Scholar Citations

QtMobility: Qt API Extensions for Mobile Development. P Zubarev, K Krinkin. 7th Conference of Open Innovations Framework Program FRUCT. Saint-Petersburg  ...

Dmitry Namiot - Google Scholar Citations

International Journal of Open Information Technologies 2 (4), 2014. 27*, 2014. On software standards for smart cities: API or DPI. D Namiot, M Sneps-Sneppe.

Julia V. Tsyganova (Юлия В. Цыганова) - Google Scholar Citations

Adaptation in Stochastic Dynamic Systems—Survey and New Results IV: Seeking Minimum of API in Parameters of Data. IV Semushin, JV Tsyganova.

Huan Liu - Google Scholar Citations

343, 2005. Is the sample good enough? comparing data from twitter's streaming api with twitter's firehose. F Morstatter, J Pfeffer, H Liu, KM Carley. arXiv preprint ...

Академия Google — Википедия

Академия Google (англ. Google Scholar) — бесплатная поисковая система по полным ... По состоянию на март 2011 года к «Академии Google» всё ещё нельзя получить доступ с помощью Google APIs (англ.). ... Google Scholar's Ranking Algorithm: The Impact of Citation Counts (An Empirical Study). In André Flory ...

Google Scholar

Индекс Google Scholar включает в себя большинство рецензируемых ... март 2011 года, Google Scholar ещё не доступен для Google AJAX API. ... Google Scholar's Ranking Algorithm: The Impact of Citation Counts (An Empirical Study).

Александр Тарасенко - Google Scholar Citations

Анализ возможности использования критериев стандарта API-653 для оценки неравномерной осадки резервуаров отечественных типоразмеров.

Sean Thorpe - Google Scholar Citations

Increasing the accessibility to big data systems via a common services api. R Malcolm, C Morrison, T Grandison, S Thorpe, K Christie, A Wallace, ... Big Data ...

Создание бренда ученого

2 сен 2015 ... Scholar: Two variables obtained from Google Scholar are combined: total number of items and the items ... My citation count has gone down!

Martin Monperrus - Google Scholar Citations

An empirical study on the directives of API documentation. M Monperrus, M Eichberg, E Tekes, M Mezini. Empirical Software Engineering 17 (6), 703-737, 2012.

Google Scholar Citations

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Google Scholar Citations Help

Google Scholar Citations provide a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their articles. You can check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time, and compute several citation metrics.

Google Scholar Citations

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4 reasons why Google Scholar isn’t as great... - Impactstory blog

Other issues aside, it’s worth acknowledging that Google Scholar Profiles are very good at doing one thing: finding citations on the scholarly web.

Google Scholar Citations Api

Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub. ... number of citations, number of online versions, link to Google Scholar's article cluster ... I will always strive to add features that increase the power of this API, but I will ...

Gaming Google Scholar Citations, Made Simple and Easy

Filed Under Citation, Google Scholar Citations, Journal Citation Report, Marco Pantani, Thomson Reuters.

Google Scholar™ Citation Exporter

Google Scholar™ Citation Exporter. © 2009 Mayank Lahiri. Released under the terms of the GPL.

Google Scholar Citations Api

Google Scholar Citation Count Api.

Google Scholar - Wikipedia

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Released in beta in November 2004...

How to sort Google Scholar search results by number of citations?

Unfortunately, Google also doesn't provide API for the scholar search yet!


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