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  1. Scholar H-Index Calculator for Google Chrome and Firefox - Official documentation

    • About. Scholar H-Index Calculator (the Calculator from now on) is a bibliometric and citation analysis tool which works as an addon for Google
    • Support for CiteseerX. Automatic index calculation when visiting CiteseerX has been discontinued since version 2.0. Release Notes and history.


  2. Calculating your citations and H-index at Scholar.google.com

    • Scholar.google is changing this. You can check your Google citations on the following way.
    • Getting an idea of you H-index is easier in Google than in ISI or SCOPUS (and often higher as well).


  3. Calculating my H Index With Free Available Tools « ChemConnector Blog

    • Tony, an alternative way of doing it is through ResearcherID.com, with the added value that you have manually curated all articles that should be included in the calculation of your H-index
    • There is now a new free online version for the h-index calculator based on Google Scholar at this address: http...


  4. Scholar H-Index Calculator for Google Chrome™ - Chrome Web Store

    • Scholar H-Index Calculator enhances Google Scholar with bibliometric analysis tools and much more.


  5. Scholar h index calculator for google chrome and firefox home page

    • The pseudocode for same is as follows S a scholar whose index h and 1 h-index journals an alternative metric measure journal impact economics & business abstract propose new source (google scholar.
    • Calculation was suggested by begin bright futures scholarships.


  6. Calculating the h-index | Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar?

    • •The citations and calculations based on them are only. • Covers some non-scholarly or research level sources available from publications since 1996.
    • Jacso, P. T., 2008.The pros and cons of computing the h-index using Google scholar.


  7. Testing the Calculation of a Realistic h -index in | Google Scholar

    • One is good, but the other one is very unfair to accomplished schol-ars, because it excludes from the h-index calculation any paper published before 1996—even when they have been cited extensively since 1996.
    • The pros and cons of calculating the h-index from Google Scholar.


  8. Google Scholar H Index

    • Scholar H-Index Calculator for Google … About. Scholar H-Index Calculator (the Calculator from now on) is a bibliometric and citation analysis tool which works as an addon for Google Chrome ...


  9. Scholar H-Index Calculator 2.3.5 скачать бесплатно

    • Scholar H-Index Calculator 2.3.5 бесплатно скачать программу. Once installed, the Scholar H-Index Calculator Firefox add-on displays on top of Google Scholar result pages, the corresponding h-index, g-index, e-index and other measures of impact for the submitted.


  10. Google scholar h index calculator safari

    • Product specifically designed searching academic sources offers choice whole web pages from australia. Google scholar h index calculator safari. Without where my words occur How Use Scholar dates counts are estimated determined by computer program.