Contactless payment by using Google Wallet in Romania on Vimeo

Contactless payment by using Google Wallet in Romania. The network used is a Romanian network and payment was made in LEI not USD.

Google Wallet, NFC smartphones spur contactless PoS terminals

Google Wallet and other mobile payment providers, coupled with Near Field Communcation-enabled smartphones, are stimulating the production of contactless technology in cash registers, says ABI Research.

Google Wallet Brings Contactless Payment through NFC | Innolea

How does Google Wallet work ? When you are at a store, you have to launch the Google Wallet app in your NFC-equipped phone.

Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: What You Need to Know

Google Wallet isn’t limited to a small number of phones anymore. Goole Wallet usage is even increasing, which is no surprise. Mobile payments are getting more press and point-of-sale terminals that support contactless payments are popping up in more places.

Google Wallet | Android Central

Google Wallet was the company's first swing at taking on mobile payments in stores, online and in apps, but since the release of Android Pay has shifted directions quite dramatically. The new Android Pay system is taking over in-store, online and in-app payments...

New Jersey Transit | How do I use my Google Wallet?

What kind of contactless payment devices can be used? Any American Express® ExpressPay™, Discover® Zip, MasterCard® PayPass™, Visa® payWave® or Google® Wallet™ contactless credit/debit card or device, which allows for payment with a tap.

MasterCard® Contactless | Global

MasterCard Contactless technology lets you make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled MasterCard® or Maestro® card or device—wherever you see the universal contactless symbol.

Google wants your wallet - Contactless Payment with your phone.

And Barclaycard ran a huge promotional campaign, including an iPhone game, about contactless payment too (remember the waterslide through the city?).

43 Things You Should Know About Google Wallet

4. Google Wallet is separate from Google Checkout, and can be thought of as the brick-and-mortar counterpart to the online payment nature of Google Checkout. 5. Google Wallet uses Near Field Communication to allow consumers to make contactless payments.

A week with Google Wallet (video) | A contactless world

Jump past the break for an inside look at Google Wallet, including a video of the service in action, and a brief look at what the world of contactless payments may look like in the future.

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