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I like Edgar (as in Edgar Allan Poe). Baranbas Boris Crimson Fester Ichabod Igor Lestat Lurch Merlin Midnight Norman Nyx Poe Raven Reaper Regan Ripper Salem Shadow Spike Vlad Wolfgang.

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Gothic Baby Names


Do all of these goths have gothic baby names? Probably not. In fact, unless their parents subscribed to the goth philosophy before they were born, they almost certainly do not have a name associated with the gothic culture.

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Gothic baby names relate to the culture that combines horror with romanticism. Gothic can refer to the medieval or the modern; Gothic style encompasses music and architecture, literature and fashion. Here are some names that, for a range of reasons, might be considered Gothic.

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Gothic Baby Names. Are you starting a family? or just looking for a nickname for one of the brood? Using the gothic baby names below, you might just find what you looking for. Feel free to use the comment page to submit any new names you think need including.

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Goth baby names are are cool and unique, with just the right amount of edgy darkness. See our pick of the best goth girl and boy names.

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Our Baby Names Finder lets you search for boy names and girl names by first letter, popularity, meaning, origin, and more. If you need inspiration, you'll find theme lists – and related name ideas for any name you look up. We have naming tips and advice, too.

Gothic Baby Names


The Goth subculture with its vivid imagery was influenced by 19th century Gothic literature and 20th century horror movies. Gothic Baby Names!

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