Adding Dynamic Rows in GridView with DropDownLists in ASP.Net

In the above declaration, I have set up some Template Fields columns so that GridView will automatically generate a row of DropDownLists when a new row is being added.You would also notice that I have added a Button Control under the FooterTemplate at the last column in the GridView.

Adding Dynamic Rows in GridView with DropDownLists

A method that adds a new row to the GridView when a Button is clicked and store the newly added row values in the Original Table that was defined in the SetInitialRow() method. SetPreviousData(). A method that retains all the items that was selected from the DropDownList when it postbacks.

GridView Update,Edit,Delete,Add row without PostBack

of new records to the database from the footer row of the GridView control.

Dynamically adding and deleting rows from ASP.NET GridView

(DropDownList)grvStudentDetails.Rows[rowIndex].Cells[5].FindControl("drpQualification"); drCurrentRow = dtCurrentTable.NewRow()

Adding Dynamic Rows in Gridview with dropdownlists in

DropDownList ddl1 = (DropDownList)Gridview1.Rows[rowIndex].Cells[1].FindControl("DropDownList1")

Dropdownlist in Gridview | The ASP.NET Forums

The idea is once you click on the Add Button the new grid with dropdownlist columns will show up, from there you can save the selected item to your database.

GridView Row Edit, Delete and Update « Devils Work

You can post code of how to add new record in gridview also.

DropDownList Inside GridView (Method 1)

I used the GridView_RowDataBound event to populate the DropDownList. Take a look at the method below

How to create a Blank row in gridview

The following program shows how to add a blank row between gridview rows. Database.

Use DropDownList in ASP.NET GridView ControlEverything Technical

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