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Helicobacter pylori Urea Breath Test (UBiT) (14839X)


Helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative microaerophilic curved bacillus with an affinity for human gastric mucosa. H. pylori has been identified as an important pathogen in the upper GI tract.

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CPT Code. Description. 83014. Drug administration and sample collection. 83013. Helicobacter pylori breath test analysis for urease activity, non-radioactive isotope.

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What is the correct cpt code to use for H. Pylori breath test analysis in a situation where the hystology lab is in house with pathologist on site with GI physicians/facility and you are billing for his/her reading of slides?

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There are also codes for H. pylori breath tests.

Cpt code for h pylori breath test


Accuracy of noninvasive tests for H. pylori infection 9,12,13 : Sensitivity for Active Infection : Is routine histological evaluation an accurate test for Helicobacter pylori. Cpt code for h pylori breath test.

CPT code - 78267, 78268, 83013, 83014, 86677 , 87338...


The breath test for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure utilizing analysis of breath samples to determine the presence of H. pylori in the stomach. The H. pylori breath test consists of analysis of breath samples before and after ingestion of labeled C-urea.

Coding and Billing Guidelines: Helicobacter Pylori Testing


For OPPS claims HPCPS/CPT codes 78267 and 78268 must be billed with revenue codes 030X or 031X. Coding Guidelines Part B.

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Helicobacter pylori breath test.

Helicobacter pylori, Urea Breath Test


Alias/See Also Quest 14839; Sunquest: HPBT; H pylori breath test. CPT Codes 83013. Preferred Specimen. Human breath: Paired breath samples (pre and post) collected in BreathTek™ UBT Collection Kit bags and must be submitted together.

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CPT Code. 83014 83013. Description. Drug administration Helicobacter pylori breath test analysis for urease activity, non-radioactive isotope. Diagnosis Codes+ A complete ICD-9 list is available, but the most common codes associated with H. pylori testing include


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