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  1. The H Pylori Breath Test is Unnecessary and Time Consuming

    • An H pylori blood test, h pylori stool test and breath ID test are much better choices.
    • Why doctors would subject anyone to an H Pylori Breath Test when there are MUCH better alternatives is beyond my comprehension.


  2. Urea breath test - Wikipedia

    The urea breath test is a rapid diagnostic procedure used to identify infections by Helicobacter pylori, a spiral bacterium implicated in gastritis, gastric ulcer, and peptic ulcer disease. It is based upon the ability of H. pylori to convert urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide.


  3. H Pylori Test Kit, Breath Test for H Pylori Instruction - RapidTest

    • H. Pylori Rapid Test Kit Performance Characteristics Sensitivity and Specificity: This h. pylori test kit was evaluated on 170 adults. The test results were compared to diagnosis of H. pylori infection by reference tests, urease breath test and histology tests.


  4. Breath test kit

    • Alimenterics pylori-chek breath test kit. I. intended use.
    • The Alimenterics Pylori-Chek Breath Test is based on the ability of the organism, H. pylori, to produce large amounts of the enzyme urease, which hydrolyses urea to NH4+ and HCO3, the latter being exhaled as CO2.


  5. Helikit - Urea Breath Test

    • About Helicobacter Pylori.
    • Helikit® is a non-invasive, non-radioactive and convenient breath test kit for the diagnosis of H. pylori. Helikit® is safe to be used on children over the age of 6.


  6. Urea Breath Test (UBT) for Detecting H. pylori Infection | Gut-Chek

    • The urea breath test is a non-invasive, fast, and extremely accurate (95% sensitivity and specificity) to detect the presence of active H. pylori infection.
    • The diagnostic drug component of the urea breath test kit is 13C-urea contained in a granulated power (Pranactin®-Citric).


  7. TECHNICAL NOTICE | H. pylori Urea Breath Test (UBT) Using the UbiT™ Breath Collection Kit For Adult and Pediatric Patients

    • The 13C-urea breath test is a non-invasive qualitative method to detect active H. pylori infection.
    • The same kit is used for adults and children, A card to document pediatric demographics now accompanies the kits.


  8. A person performing a H. pylori urea breath test. The inset shows what the H. pylori bacteria look like.

    • 13C Urea Breath Test Kit. 13C Infrared Spectrometer. Helicobacter Pylori Antigen Diagnostic Kit. Capsule Endoscopy.
    • 13C Urea Breath Test uses a chemical reaction to detect the H. pylori bacteria.


  9. H. pylori Saliva Test

    • The H. pylori saliva test kit contains the following items to perform the assay
    • Introduction. Physicians currently diagnose H. pylori infections with endoscopy, blood tests and breath tests.


  10. Urea breath testing for Helicobacter pylori in general practice

    • 1 Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori image courtesy of www.hpylori.com.au).
    • The C14 Urea breath test is generally accepted as the non-invasive test of choice for determining whether or not eradication of H.pylori has been achieved.