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  1. Original article / původní práce | Delta values of the 13C-urea breath test in Helicobacter pylori positive persons with and without dyspepsia

    • Table 2 Delta values in Helicobacter pylori positive males and females, expressed as mean ± SD and median & interquartile range. Adults n = 825.
    • Quantitative result of 13C urea breath test at 15 minutes may correlate with the bac-terial density of H. pylori in the stomach.


  2. Urea Breath Testing: Procedure, Preparation, Side Effects And Cost

    • The urea breath test usually takes about 1.5 hours. If the results are positive, this means that H.pylori is present in the patient's stomach. The degree of infection is measured after calculating the measurements between the pre and post urea testing.


  3. Urea breath testing for Helicobacter pylori in general practice

    • 1 Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori image courtesy of www.hpylori.com.au). What are the indications for the C14 Urea breath test?
    • Some would also argue that it may prevent patients with positive H.pylori serology (but no active infection) being unnecessarily treated with broad spectrum antibiotics.


  4. H pylori Testing: The Test | Helicobacter pylori | Also known as: H pylori; H-pylori; H. pylori antibody test; H. pylori stool antigen test; H. pylori breath test; Urea breath test; CLO test; Rapid urease test (RUT) for H. pylori

    • A positive H. pylori stool antigen, breath test, or biopsy indicates that a person's gastrointestinal pain is likely caused by a peptic ulcer due to these bacteria.
    • A positive blood test for H. pylori antibody may indicate a current or previous infection.


  5. H Pylori = Bad Breath? - Discussion on Topix | Forum

    • Do any of you, who have tested positive for h pylori, suffer from bad breath as one of your symptoms? I have some digestive issues, but no ulcers that I am aware of. I am going to make an appointment with my doctor and hopefully he will test me for h pylori.


  6. UBT - Clinical: Helicobacter pylori Breath Test

    • The Helicobacter pylori urea breath test can detect very low levels of H pylori and, by assessing the entire gastric mucosa, avoids the risk of sampling errors inherent in biopsy-based methods.
    • A false-positive test could occur in patients who have achlorhydria.


  7. H. pylori Bacteria Tests and Results | Urea breath test

    • If H. pylori bacteria grow, the culture is positive.
    • Most urea breath tests now use tagged carbon rather than radioactive carbon. If you are pregnant, the radioactive urea breath test for H. pylori is not usually done, because the radiation could harm your child.


  8. Epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori Infection | Urea Breath Test (UBT)

    • Comparison of encapsulated versus nonen-capsulated (14) C-urea breath test for the detection of Helicob-acter pylori infection: a scintigraphy study.
    • Correlation between positive rate and number of biopsy samples on urease test in childhood Helicobacter pylori infection.


  9. Bacteriology & Parasitology | Main Exposures: H. pylori infections were defined by positive H. pylori stool antigen test and Serum IgG or Urea Breath Tests.

    • Keywords: Helicobacter pylori infections; Urea breath test; H. pylori stool antigen test; Recurrent abdomial pain; Sideropenic anemia.
    • A positive correlation between H. pylori antibodies and food allergy presenting with gastrointestinal symptoms has been reported [16].


  10. Could the simplied 14 C urea breath test be | Table 1 Sensitivity, specicity, diagnostic accuracy, negative and positive predictive values of the four tests for the detection of Helico-bacter pylori

    • Whenever only one test was positive, it was considered to be a false-positive one. Results With the gold standard used in this study, 59 (66%) patients were diagnosed HP positive.
    • Keywords Urea breath test · Helicobacter pylori · Rapid urease test.