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The blood test came back positive. I am seeing the doctor in three days to follow up with this blood test and I am worried that he will prescribe the antibiotics again

Infection | 60 Western populations. Routine testing for H. pylori

Most H. pylori-positive GORD patients have a corpus-predominant gastritis, where treatment with a PPI


Non-invasive, non-radioactive C13 Urea Breath Testing. For initial diagnosis and post-treatment follow-up of Helicobacter Pylori infection.

Helicobacter pylori infection before and after treatment

H. pylori-infected patients were prescribed treatment and asked to return 4–6 weeks after the end of therapy for repeat endoscopy and 13C-UBTs.

C 14 Urea breath testing

Urea breath testing for Helicobacter pylori in general practice. What is a C14 Urea breath test and how does it work?

Helicobacter | Testing for H. pylori Infection

Available Tests for Helicobacter pylori Infection*. Non-endoscopic Serologic test. Urea breath test (Active test). Widely available; the least expensive of available tests. High negative and positive predictive values; useful before and after treatment.

Urea Breath Testing: Procedure, Preparation, Side Effects And Cost

The urea breath test is a non-invasive option often used to detect Helicobacter pylori before as well as after one has been treated.

Update on Helicobacter pylori Treatment

Update on Helicobacter pylori Treatment. ADRIENNE Z. ABLES, PHARM.D., I. SIMON, M.D., and

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Delta values of the 13 C-urea breath test in H. pylori positive persons with and without dyspepsia.

Update on Helicobacter pylori Treatment - American Family Physician

Recurrence of H. pylori infection usually is defined by a positive result on urea breath or stool antigen testing six or more months after documented

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