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  1. Hamster ball - Wikipedia

    Hamster balls are hollow spheres made of clear plastic into which hamsters, gerbils, degus and other small rodent pets are placed, allowing them to run around outside their cages without the risk of running away, getting lost under furniture or in walls. They are designed to provide hamsters with exercise.


  2. xkcd: Hamster Ball

    • Man: I'd like a human-sized hamster ball. [[A hamster ball appears; the man is inside it]] Man: Sweet!


  3. Play Hamster Ball Game Here - A Puzzle Game on FOG.COM

    • In Hamster Ball, the objective of the game is to move the hamsterball to the orange flag and stop there as quickly as possible.


  4. How to Use a Hamster Ball (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    • wikiHow to Use a Hamster Ball. Two Parts:Avoiding Potential Problems Letting Your Hamster Play in the Ball Community Q&A.


  5. Hamsterball Official Site - Play Hamsterball Online Game - Raptisoft

    • Take control of a hamster in a ball and get set to run the craziest race of your life!
    • Hamsterball is our first award-winning game! Try it now and find out why people love it!


  6. 211: Hamster Ball Heist - explain xkcd

    Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of the band The Flaming Lips, is indeed known to crowd-surf in a giant hamster ball. Hamster balls are a recurring subject on xkcd, starting with 152: Hamster Ball, which in direct relation to this comic showed that Cueball's biggest and only wish is such a ball.


  7. 152: Hamster Ball - explain xkcd

    The comic starts with a genie, who, having been freed from a magical lamp, grants the owner three wishes; this isn't unusual, since the idea of a genie who does this is a very common trope in the fantasy genre.


  8. Human Hamster Ball

    • The giant human hamster ball is a large sphere which is inflatable and big enough to contain both kids and adults comfortably.


  9. Downhill Hamsterball, This hamster is loose and ready to go on a rollicking roll to the finish line! - Free online games at Agame.com

    • How to play Downhill Hamsterball. Up or Right = Roll Space = Jump Jump on enemies to crush them. (Touching them any other way will hurt you!)


  10. Hamsterball Gold - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.com

    • In the grand tradition of Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, Hamsterball lets you roll a
    • Play a time-trial game, take on the Hamster Tournament, or play Rodent Rumble with your friends.