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Human hamster ball is an interesting name, which indicates a ball, like hamster ball, but a human being instead, inside the ball. People is able to walking inside the ball.

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Giant Hamster Ball. One of our most popular activities! Our Giant Hamster Balls are a unique and exciting way to experience the thrill of 360 degree fun.

Human Hamster Balls


Human Hamster Ball Features. Get inside and get that ball rolling! Two competitors step into their own gladiator style human sphere.

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Human Hamster Ball is in a translucent. Kids can even climb inside this giant inflatable ball to get a. Kids can play outdoor all year round wi...

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The Zorb Ball is also known as the Human Hamster Ball, Human Bubble ball, or the OGO (Outdoor Gravity Orb).

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A water ball(hamster human ball, human hamster ball, humansized hamster ball, or water walking ball) is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person, real human being inside it to walk across the...

Human Hamster Ball


The giant human hamster ball is a large sphere which is inflatable and big enough to contain both kids and adults comfortably.

xkcd: Hamster Ball


Man: I'd like a human-sized hamster ball. [[A hamster ball appears; the man is inside it]] Man: Sweet! [[The man steps to left; the ball rolls that way]] [[He does the same thing to his right]...

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Hamster Water Ball, a Texas based company specializing in inflatables, also known as human hamster ball, water walking ball, hamster human ball...

152: Hamster Ball - explain xkcd


The comic starts with a genie, who, having been freed from a magical lamp, grants the owner three wishes; this isn't unusual, since the idea of a genie that does this is a very common trope in the fantasy genre.

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