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Human Hamster Ball

Human Hamster Ball is a meaningful and challenging activity. It's very exciting and interesting.It is a double layer ball, the outer ball is about 3.0m diameter and the inner ball is about 2.0m diameter.

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Human Hamster. Posted on Nov 24th, 2008 by found. c/o talentretention.

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Man: I'd like a human-sized hamster ball. [[A hamster ball appears; the man is inside it]] Man: Sweet! [[The man steps to left; the ball rolls that way]] [[He does the same thing to his right]] [[The man comes to rest in the centre of the panel]] Genie: And your other wishes?

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Description of Zorb Ball, Zorbing Ball for Sale, Human Hamster Ball: Material: PVC/TPU. Thickness: 0.8mm. Size: Diam.

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The 0.9mm commercial grade reinforced PVC tarpaulin(waterproof & flame resistance) is used to make all the water games. The sizes and colors can

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Human Size Hamster Ball After-Sales Service From 1) We can provide spare material, harness, buckle, valve and glue etc. 2) Product returning will be negotiated or implemented if there would be a quality dispute.

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Human-sized hamster balls are, as the name indicates, hamster balls that have been made big enough to hold a human inside. In "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," while Mabel and Dipper were eating breakfast, Dipper read a Wacky Newz periodical and showed it to Mabel.

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