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  1. The best hamster cages for sale | large cages & habitats

    • Many cages for sale already come with tubes, especially the crittertrail type habitats that are inter-connectable with each other. If you have a wire bar hamster cage, your hammy might appreciate some extra tubes scattered around their floor.


  2. Ultimate Guide to Hamster Cages - HamsterCageFinder.com

    • The ASPCA recommends a 10 gallon tank to be a minimum cage size for a hamster. This is about 200 sq inches of floor space. You can also get cages with a smaller floor space but are expandable with tubes and add-ons.


  3. Savic Hamster Heaven Cage - BestHamsterCage.com

    • Savic Hamster Heaven Cage is a premium extra large hamster cage with plenty of accessories included.
    • It is also suitable for dwarf hamsters with adequate bar width however they might struggle getting up the wider diameter tubes.


  4. Hamster Cages

    • Product - Prevue Pet Products 3-Story Hamster & Gerbil Cage.
    • Product - Hamster Gerbil Mice Mouse Fitness Exercise Toy Ball Wheel Cage White Blue.


  5. Find great deals on eBay for Hamster Tubes in Other Small Animal Supplies. Shop with confidence.

    • MAMBLE 80cm / 100cm Rat Hamster Cage With Shelf Tubes Litter Tray Bowl & Bottle.
    • Cage Hamster House Mode with 50ml Water Bottle Tube Wheel Mouse Small Animals.


  6. Tubes | Choose Hamster Cages

    • Some hamster cages come with holes to which the tubes can connect. Be careful not to twist too hard when connecting the tubes to the holes or the plastic can break.
    • They are all slide shows showing still pictures of different hamster cages with tubes.


  7. Cheap Hamster Cages With Tubes - Where To Find?

    • Tubes are fun for your hamster, and can provide a habitat similar to what is found in the wild.
    • By spending a little time and effort to do an online search you can save a lot of money on all of the accessories you need, and get the exact cage with tubes that you want.


  8. How to Set Up a Hamster Cage: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    • Hiding treats around the cage is a great way for your hamster to forage! You can hide it in your hamsters sand pit too! Never get critter trail or other cramped cages with many tubes and plastic items as they are too small and your furry pet won't enjoy it.


  9. Hamster cages – The Hamster Place

    • Multi-level cages: Cages with lots of levels for your hamster to explore are great because it provides entertainment for your hamster during the long nights! There are plenty of cages with extra floors, tubes and cubby-holes for your hamster to enjoy.


  10. Ultimate Guide to Hamster Cages - HamsterCageFinder UK

    • Many experienced hamster owners recommend at least 2322 cm squares (360 inch sq) of floor space for a hamster to be comfortable. You can also get cages with a smaller floor space but are expandable with tubes and add-ons.