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Hamster toys are important if you don’t want your hamster to get bored. Some of these toys can cost quite a lot, and not all of them are necessary.

What Kind of Toys Do Hamsters Like?


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5 Ways to Build Hamster Toys out of Household Items - wikiHow


Just like other pets, hamsters need to have toys that will keep them busy and active.

Homemade Hamster Toys


While the majority of people simply get goodies for their hamsters at the pet store or online, some people like to make their own hamster toys.

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Hamster cage, accessories, food, toys, running ball etc.!

Hamster Toys


Hamster toys offer pets a lot more than a good time. Why Hamsters Need Toys. Any animal that leads a captive lifestyle can benefit from environmental enrichment...

The Best Dwarf Hamster Toys & Playground Chews


Most hamster toys are made from plastic – so treat these with caution when you first introduce it to the cage.

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The Suspension Bridge Toy For Hamsters has been specially designed to enrich the life of your pet. This fabulous bridge features a horizontal ladder which allows your hamster, gerbil or mouse to pract...

Hamster Toys


There are many options out there to enhance your hamster's fun. Pet stores will have many choices for toys and wheels. Your hamster definitely, if anything, needs a wheel.

Hamster Toys | An Owner's Guide


Since hamsters are nocturnal, they will be active during the night while you are asleep. So in addition to some time outside the cage for safe and managed exploration...


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