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  1. Hamster Club :: Housing - Hamster Homemade Toys

    • Below you will find some hamster homemade toys ideas for your pet hamster.
    • To do a hamster coconut house, drain the liquid out of the coconut by making small holes in it.


  2. What the Pets!?: Homemade Hamster Toys?


  3. Boxes : Homemade Hamster Toys

    • Toy Box House: Homemade Hamster Toys. Making a fun hamster box house for your hamster is really simple to do.


  4. Homemade hamster toys

    • How do you make homemade food for your hamster? In the wild all of the hamster species eat a variety of seeds, plants and insects.
    • What kind of homemade hamster toys can you make?


  5. Homemade Hamster Toys

    • Homemade Hamster Toys : Introduction. What hamster doesn't like to play on a wheel? Hamsters are fun pets to keep and are even more fun to watch as they play with their toys.


  6. Fun Homemade Hamster Toys | eHow

    • Fun Homemade Hamster Toys. By Jenny Green.
    • A basic hamster cage contains bedding, a food bowl, water bottle and hamster home, but hamster cages can include a range of large toys for...


  7. Homemade Hamster Toys | ThriftyFun

    • This is a guide about homemade hamster toys. There are things around the house that may entertain your hamster better than expensive toys.


  8. Hamster Maze Toy : Homemade Hamster Toys

    • Homemade Hamster Toys. This site contains ideas for home made hamster toys that can be created cheaply and from basic materials.


  9. Paper Roll : Homemade Hamster Toys

    • Paper Roll Fun : Homemade Hamster Toys. The hamster tube is one of the all around easiest and cheapest of toys to make.


  10. Two Story House : Homemade Hamster Toys

    • Double Decker House: Homemade Hamster Toys. A more elaborate home made hamster toy to make is a two story hamster box house.