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Kickstarter For Cat Hamster Wheel Raises 120,000 Dollars


Getty Images. A Kickstarter for this project has already raised more than $120,000. If you’re hoping to help your fat cat slim down, consider getting him this feline hamster wheel. It’s still in its funding stages, but a Kickstarter campaign has already vastly exceeded its goal of $10,000.

Finally, An Affordable Hamster Wheel For Cats | Geekologie


July 14, 2014 in cats , exercise , hamster wheel , having a great time , no but seriously how did you get that cat in there , pets , running , the wheels

Makers of the new Cat Exercise Wheel!


I have several cats and two in particular took to the wheel very quickly. Some of the others just go for a stroll on the wheel, while Stella and Wisp run as fast as they can go. I love seeing them use the cat wheel and they seem to love getting extra exercise on it.

Hamster wheel for cats wildly exceeds Kickstarter goal...


With the simple goal to “make cats happy,” a few days ago, One Fast Cat launched their campaign to raise $10,000 for the first run of their lightweight, inexpensive, relatively aesthetically pleasing exercise wheel for cats…

That's right. It's a hamster wheel for cats. This fascinating invention is


Yep, That's A Hamster Wheel For Cats. 21/07/2014 10:32 | Updated 21 July 2014.

You Can Haz Hamster Wheel For Cats | The Huffington Post


A cat on a hamster wheel.

Some Genius Designed A Hamster Wheel For Cats


It's called One Fast Cat. At 48-inches across, the circular, cat-powered cat-treadmill is a gigantified version of the exercise wheels commonly associated with lab rodents.

One Fast Cat is a feline-sized hamster wheel for your cat's exercise


Now cat's a wheely good idea! The feline-sized hamster wheel designed to exercise your furry friend and help banish its kitty blues. The One Fast Cat costs $199. By Annabel Fenwick Elliott. Published: 18:57 GMT, 21 July 2014 | Updated: 19:46 GMT, 21 July 2014. 77. View comments.

Hamster Wheel For Cats Hits Kickstarter - Video Dailymotion


The company One Fast Cat is using the site to garner funding for their idea, which is basically a hamster wheel for felines. Domestic cats can easily get bored in the house, but a project on Kickstarter aims to solve that problem.

Hamster Wheel for Cats - Impulse ListImpulse List


The Hamster wheel for cats will provide exercise for your feline and endless entertainment for you. This is how all good YouTube videos start.

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