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You Can Haz Hamster Wheel For Cats | Huffington Post


A cat on a hamster wheel.

Cat Exercise Wheel


This 48" diameter cat wheel is safe to use and easy to move around the house. Order today for free shipping in USA. Daily exercise can help house cats loose weight, improve their mood, and increase muscle tone.

One Fast Cat: A Hamster Exercise Wheel For Cats | Bored Panda


It turns out that an exercise treadmill wheel is a great exercise device not only for hamsters, but also for cats! Inventor Sean Farley and his team in California came up with a giant replica of the hamster wheel designed to entertain bored cats.

Kickstarter For Cat Hamster Wheel Raises 120,000 Dollars


Getty Images. A Kickstarter for this project has already raised more than $120,000. If you’re hoping to help your fat cat slim down, consider getting him this feline hamster wheel. It’s still in its funding stages, but a Kickstarter campaign has already vastly exceeded its goal of $10,000.

Some Genius Designed A Hamster Wheel For Cats


Without the need to hunt prey they need other outlets for that pent up energy. It's good for cats to get some sort of workout and changing it up to keep them interested is important.

Finally, An Affordable Hamster Wheel For Cats - Geekologie


Apparently it's not the first exercise wheel for cats (I'm as shocked as you are), it's just the first one that doesn't cost a fortune.

Yep, That's A Hamster Wheel For Cats | The Huffington Post


It's a hamster wheel for cats. This fascinating invention is currently taking Kickstarter by relative storm, having raised almost $100,000 despite only seeking $10,000 in its first round of funding. Here's how they're pitching it

One Fast Cat: A Giant Hamster Wheel for Cats


Send it to the gym with this oversize exercise wheel for cats. It’s called One Fast Cat and it will cost you $200. That’s a steep price for a cat gym membership, but it’s either that or you have Jabba the Cat laying around eating toads all day.

Impulse List


The Hamster wheel for cats will provide exercise for your feline and endless entertainment for you. This is how all good YouTube videos start.

One Fast Cat is a feline-sized hamster wheel for your cat's exercise


Now cat's a wheely good idea! The feline-sized hamster wheel designed to exercise your furry friend and help banish its kitty blues. The One Fast Cat costs $199. By Annabel Fenwick Elliott. Published: 18:57 GMT, 21 July 2014 | Updated: 19:46 GMT, 21 July 2014. E-mail. 77. View comments.


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