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  2. Researchers Take Hamster-Wheel Generator for a Spin | PCWorld | College team taps biomechanical energy from furry little rodents.

    The idea of technology powered by hamsters running on exercise wheels has always been little more than a geeky joke -- until now. Georgia University's Nano Research Group, headed by Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, has proven that the concept is sound, by capturing a running hamster's biomechanical energy.


  3. Hamster Wheel Standing Desk: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

    • Step forward into the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that will usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity. This project is a collaboration at Pier 9 between Artist-in-Residence RobbGodshaw and artist Will Doenlen.
    • Is there a generator assembled?


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    • Used Dance Floor For Sale.


  6. Human Hamseter Wheel - Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

    • After you have made the Make Magazine version of the Hamster-Powered Generator you can scale things up a bit and power some larger items. This would be a great prank for Candid Camera, have an apartment set up with this wheel and have temps come in to power the apartment with it.


  7. Hamster-Powered Night Light | Otherpower | magnet trigger glued to outside radius of wheel

    • So we scrapped the idea of using a DC motor as a generator. Plus, the required diode (to keep the battery from just spinning the motor) would drop the voltage by at least another 0.7 volts.
    • Frame and Bearing Construction So, we chose to scratch-build a tiny low-RPM alternator for the hamster wheel.


  8. Hamster Wheels - BestHamsterCage.com

    • Hamster wheels are exercise toys that allow hamsters and other small rodents to exercise in a confined environment such as a hamster cage.
    • Types of Wheel. Silent Spinner Wheel. There is a whole range of wheels for sale on the market today online and in pet chain stores like petsmart.


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