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Learn About Pet Hamsters


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Unlike mice, hamsters do not enjoy the company of their fellows, except to produce more hamsters. A related animal, the dwarf hamster, may be kept in groups in places where they are legal pets.

We love having hamsters as pets. Learn why.


What are hamsters like as pets? How much do they cost?

Pet Hamster Care, Information, Facts & Pictures


Hamsters as Pets Hamsters have no detectable body odor. They are inexpensive to buy and outside of cage cleaning and proper food are relatively maintenance free.

Is a Hamster the Right Pet for You? : The Humane Society...


Because of their small size, hamsters are often purchased as pets for children who want to play with them during the day.

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From hamsters, gerbils, mice and more, we'll help you find the perfect little friend to welcome into your home.

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Hamsters make good family pets as they need very little space, and are easy to look after. They are nocturnal and therefore like to hide away during the day, but will come out to play in the evening.

Keeping Hamsters as Pets


The most popular variety of hamster kept as pets and used in laboratories, are the golden (Syrian) hamsters. They come in cinnamon, cream and white.

Hamsters as Pets


Keeping hamsters as pets seems like a nice alternative in place of a bigger pet, but there's a plus side and certain drawbacks when taking care of them.

Hamsters as pets: Pros and Cons


Hamsters as pets: Pros. 1. Hamsters are little animals which can be kept in a small space. A cage for a hamster doesn’t take up much space in the house.


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