Pictures of Keeping Hamsters as Pets, 1

Twinkie's hamster pups at 18 days old. This picture shows the size difference between the runt and the only gray hamster pup!

Pictures of Keeping Hamsters as Pets, 1

Campbell’s Russian white dwarf hamsters. "Daisy Snuggles is a teddy bear hamster and is 13 months old in this picture. She is a very sweet hamster and LOVES to be petted and played with. Her favorite treats are lettuce, strawberries, corn flakes, grapes and carrots.

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Information and pictures about hamsters, what you need to know to keep them as pets.

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Information on keeping hamsters as pets, the care and health of pet hamsters, and hamster pictures. Includes syrian (teddy bear) and dwarf hamsters. Sign Up for Our Free Newsletters.

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Most people don’t realize, however, that there are several species of hamsters that are used as pets. Other breeds are not kept as pets.

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Hamsters as Pets. Information and facts about Hamster Care and Hamster Health. Home.

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How to Breed Hamsters. Cute and cuddly, hamsters make wonderful pets. Breeding them isn't always a simple task; buying two random hamsters and breeding them can be dangerous for both the mother and her pups.

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Hamsters As Pets Information And Facts About Hamster Hamsters as pets information and facts about hamster care and hamster health. Picture Detail. This Hamsters As Pets pictures has 500 x 400 · 50 kB · jpeg.

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There are two species of Russian hamsters commonly kept as pets. The more common and generally larger animal is the Campbell, and the other is the Winter White. Both species have several colour variations.

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