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Hamsters as Pets. Information and facts about Hamster Care and Hamster Health.

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Keeping Hamsters As Pets. Hamsters: The most popular and best known small rodent pets, Hamsters are naturally solitary creatures that prefer their own company, although same sex pairs can be kept together.

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Hamsters are the most popular of small rodents kept as a pet with five species of hamsters commonly kept as pets. Find out about the different species of pet hamsters, their characteristics and what makes them suitable as pets.

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There are three types of hamsters commonly kept as pets

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Hamsters as Pets. FIDO'S has baby Syrian hamsters for sale, from the Essex Breeding Centre, probably the best breeder in the country. They are top quality pets in a variety of colours, with short and long coats.

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Hamsters are great little creatures to have as pets. They love lots of attention and enjoy interacting with their owners. They are cute, fun and extremely...

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Syrian Hamsters or Golden Hamsters as Pets Care Ca.

Hamsters and gerbils are the most popular of rodent pets, but require...


There are three species of hamsters commonly found as pets - Syrian, the Dwarf and the Chinese.

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