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  1. handbrake subtitles forced only greyed out

    • Improved memory caching logic to avoid "out of memory" for large imports .... New " BlueVision" skin including grey theme .... for LiveTV streaming
    • But the forced Subtitle adding with HandBrake (i.e. convert videos with forced subtitles only) is more particular in Blu-ray and DVD backup.


  2. HandBrake Documentation — Subtitles | Forced Subtitles

    • SRT subtitle import – You can import SRT files into HandBrake through the “Subtitles tab”.
    • Animated effects (e.g. fade in/out, karaoke) are not currently supported.
    • Forced Subtitles. With some DVD sources, there is a subtitle track which only displays during foreign language sections of...


  3. Forced Subtitles Beginner (Handbrake) | RedFox Forum

    • It will only make a "Movie Only" Blue-ray disk backup and it has an option to find and extract "Forced" subtitles and turn them on.
    • You can then use this "Disk" to feed to BD Rebuilder or to Handbrake to process and these programs will then have the subtitles to work with.


  4. Handbrake + Forced Subtitles (Kill Bill) + Me = FAIL - Ars Technica OpenForum

    • I can switch all subtitles or forced subtitles only on or off as desired.
    • This is how Handbrake's "Foreign Audio Search" function works - it looks for forced subtitles.
    • In the case of the Kill Bill DVD, the bitmap subtitles are so hideously ugly that the OCR teaching tool cannot even pick out a whole...


  5. Handbrake subtitles burn in vs default

    • I rip with makeMKV and convert with Handbrake. This will burn subtitles for foreign audio into your movie. the same way as I described above, unless, of course, they're burned in. list and then tick all three boxes next to it "Forced Only", "Burned Inn" and "Default".


  6. Subtitles in MKV to Handbrake | MacRumors Forums

    • So I need some advice on subtitles in handbrake. I am looking for forced subtitles only.
    • (Forced and Burn in are also greyed out, Default is able to be checked but I have the other one checked as default).


  7. www.makemkv.com • View topic - PGS Subtitles MakeMKV & Handbrake | Forum

    • Currently, in forced-only extraction mode, HandBrake will only include subtitles 1 and 3, and skip subtitle 2. My first idea was to move subtitle 3, changing its start time to match that of subtitle 2. But it doesn't cover the following scenario


  8. HandBrake Subtitles Guide: How to Add Soft or Forced SRT Subtitles to DVD Videos

    • But the forced Subtitle adding with HandBrake (i.e. convert videos with forced subtitles only) is more particular in Blu-ray and DVD backup. And one thing to remind is that HandBrake does not decrypt commercial Blu-ray or DVDs.


  9. Subtitles in Handbrake - WD TV Live & Live Plus - WD Community

    • For a regular DVD (as opposed to a blu-ray) you can look at DVDFab and see if there is any option to rip forced subtitles only. I'm not familiar with that program so I can't help you there. If we were re-encoding this movie with Handbrake...


  10. Forced Subtitling - HandBrake | Forum

    • "Forced Only": discard subtitles which aren't flagged as forced at the stream level.
    • I generally test it out on my pc after every encode to look and see if the subs are
    • Of course, only some subtitle formats can be burned-in by HandBrake: VobSub...